This book marks a decade of a column that appears every Monday in The Hindu's Metro Plus, Madras edition. Madras Miscellany has, over that decade, created. A Madras Miscellany [h] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book marks a decade of a column that appears every Monday in. MADRAS MISCELLANY. The Hindu Madras and, later, as South India won it only once but was runner-up six times. Expatriates in Madras.


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But slowly the column became more heritage focused, not only loking at the places and the institutions in the city but, more importantly, at those who significantly contributed to Madras and, in many cases, in turn to modern India. It also madras miscellany more madras miscellany, owing much to contributions from readers.

A Madras Miscellany

And in them there develops a rather comprehensive story of Madras over its nearly years of history. He or she wishing to get married performs archana and offers two garlands, one for the Lord and the other for his consort.

The garlands, duly blessed, are returned madras miscellany the offerer madras miscellany wear and circumambulate the temple nine times, praying for a happy marriage soon. He or she is asked to take the garlands home and place them in a pooja room till the marriage happens.

Madras miscellany - The Hindu

After the wedding, the couple is expected to bring the now-dried garlands to the temple and hang them on a tree there; a huge tree madras miscellany the precincts is wreathed in thousands of dried garlands. Inscriptions dating to between the 10th and 16th Centuries speak of Chola, Pandya and other dynasties patronising the temple.

Clearing the air further — and enabling me to say this is an end to this exchange — is V. Raja Narayanan who states that it is about two different temples this exchange has been all about.

Narayanan madras miscellany adds that saligramam is a kind of snail found in the madras miscellany Gandaki in Nepal.

It is believed Vishnu lives in the shell. Statues made madras miscellany of saligramam are called Saligrama Sila Thirumeni, out of brick and mortar Sutha Thirumeni and, of wood, Sila Thirumeni.

Madras Miscellany

Wood is, however, rarely used. Celebrating madras miscellany walks At a recent press conference, the catalysts of Madras Week announced that the Week this year would be celebrated between August 21 and August 28 but that, like last year, they expect programmes to start as early as the first week of Madras miscellany and go on till the first week of September.


They hoped that this year there would be more walks leading to greater appreciation of the city. It was suggested that citizen volunteers lead madras miscellany in their respective areas.

Madras Miscellany - The Hindu

There are madras miscellany more for potential walk-leaders to think about. In a coincidence, just before the press meet I had lunch with Surekha Narain of Delhi who leads walks in the Capital.

She offers 45 walks and adds at least one new walk every year. Words in Indian Madras miscellany The Splendor of South India.

Madras miscellany

Madras miscellany, its past and present. The spirit of Chepauk: Looking back from "Moulmein": Madras that is Chennai, Queen of the Coromandel.


Moving India on wheels: The story of Ashok Leyland. The Raj Bhavans of Tamil Nadu. South Zone Cultural Centre.