For mallet finger treatment splinting is the best choice of management. Open treatment can result in frequent complications. Physiotherapy: Mallet Finger Injury. Hand Therapy Services. Community & Therapy Services. This leaflet has been designed to explain the benefits of the. Mallet finger is an injury to the thin tendon that straightens the end joint of a finger or thumb. Although it is also known as "baseball finger," this injury can happen.


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If the injured finger will not bend into the fist, try to help it with your other hand.


Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Practice picking mallet finger rehabilitation small objects, such as coins, marbles, pins, or buttons, with your thumb and injured finger.

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With your palm flat on a table and your fingers mallet finger rehabilitation out, lift each finger straight up one at a time. If the DIP joint gets stuck in a bent position and the PIP joint middle knuckle extends, the finger may develop a deformity that is shaped like a swan's neck.

This is called a swan neck deformity.


Swan Neck Deformity Diagnosis What tests will my health care provider do? Usually the diagnosis of mallet finger is clearly evident from the physical exam.

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Some patients may be referred to a doctor for further diagnosis. X-rays may be required to see if there is an associated avulsion fracture since this may change the recommended treatment.


No other tests are normally required. Our Treatment Non-surgical Rehabilitation Treatment for mallet finger is usually nonsurgical.

Mallet Finger Exercises |

If there is no fracture, then the assumption is that the end of the tendon has been ruptured, allowing the end of the finger to droop. When you begin your Physical Therapy program, our Physical Therapist may recommend continuous splinting for approximately six weeks followed by six weeks of nighttime splinting.

Usually this will mallet finger rehabilitation in satisfactory healing and allow the finger to extend. The mallet finger rehabilitation is continuous splinting for the first six weeks. The splint holds the DIP joint in full extension and allows the ends of the tendon to move as close together as possible.

As healing occurs, scar formation repairs the tendon.

This produces disruption or stretching of the extensor mechanism over the DIP joint. This is seen in baseball catchers, fielders, football receivers, cricketers and basketball players. If left untreated, a chronic mallet finger type deformity mallet finger rehabilitation.

This flexion deformity is caused by the unopposed action of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon.

Radiography Radiographs are mallet finger rehabilitation to define any bony injury, especially an avulsion fracture associated with subluxation of the joint. Any subluxation requires open reduction and internal fixation.

A fracture dislocation of the epiphyseal plate may occur in children.

Mallet Finger Treatment

This injury requires open or closed reduction. Mallet finger rehabilitation Exercises Once your tendon has fully healed, blocking exercises may begin to improve your ability to bend the tip of your finger, according to a review in "The Open Orthopaedics Journal.

Typically, mallet finger rehabilitation exercises are performed in sets of 10 repetitions several times each day until you regain full motion of the joint.