Diwan e Mansur Al Hallaj is written in Persian (Farsi) language. Muzaffar Iqbal translated it into Urdu. Now you can read Mansur Hallaj's Diwan in Urdu. Hussain Bin Mansoor Hallaj. Writer: Prof Dr Sultan Altaf Ali. Language: Urdu. Book pages: Brief Introduction: This book reveals the research work of author. Among the mystics of Islam, Mansur Hallaj is a controversial figure. He was executed In for raising the cry “Ana-ul-Haq” (I am the creative.


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He is called a martyr and an apostate. A mystic and a sorcerer. Even the greatest admirers of Hallaj, the Sufis, are not agreed regarding him. Among other Sufis, Al-Hallaj was an anomaly.

They feel, he spoke something in which lies the greatest secret of the cosmos. Many Sufi masters felt that it was inappropriate to share mysticism with the masses, yet Al-Hallaj openly did so in mansoor hallaj story in urdu writings and through his teachings.

Hallaj by Sadeqain This that we have now is not imagination.

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This is not a grief or a joy, Not a judging state, Not an elation, or a sadness. These come and go. This is the Presence that doesn't.

What more could human beings possibly want?

Life of Mansur al-Hallaj (Urdu) [Seerat e Mansur Hallaj]

When grapes turn to wine they're wanting this. When the night sky comes pouring by, It's really a crowd of beggars, And they all want some of this. This that we are now Created the body, cell by cell, Like bees building a honeycomb.

The human body and the entire universe Grew from this. Not this from the universe and human body.

Its dawn Husam, Here inside the splendor of coral. The simple truth of what Hallaj said, What more could human beings possibly want?


When he had grown up, he was two years in the service of Abd Allah Teshtari and became a disciple of Junaid Baghdadi. After his stay mansoor hallaj story in urdu the city, he traveled extensively and wrote and taught along the way.

He traveled as far as India and Central Asia gaining many followers, many of whom accompanied him on his second and third trips to Mecca.

A Sufi Metamorphosis:: MANSUR HALLAJ: a moth burned by the flame of divine love.

He wore yellow robes of Indian gurus. After this period of travel, mansoor hallaj story in urdu settled down in the Abbasid capital of Baghdad. Mansur Hallaj pushed the conservative boundaries of Sufi belief system, he studied the science of Kabbalah and taught his students the Harufi interpretation of Quran based on secret numbers.

He was also uncomfortably inspired by Shia theology and Imams for a Sunni theology as well as Jesus. He practiced and taught buddhist breathing exercises to his students to center themselves before namaz and sang and danced his way to Mecca with thousands of students.

After his return to Bagdad at the age of 36, the number of his followers largely increased, and he gave utterance to many strange sayings which excited the suspicions of the orthodox.

The orthodox ulema regarded him chiefly as a sorcerer in league with supernatural powers, whether celestial or infernal, The common people of Bagdad were circulating reports that Hallaj could raise the dead, and that the Jinn were his slaves, and brought him whatever mansoor hallaj story in urdu desired.

This 9thth century was the intellectual nadir of the Islamic and sufi philopshy. Greek texts had ben translated and were discussed in the seminaries of Baghdad. The Baghdad which crucified Mansoor was not a backwater Taliban city but the Athens of its time.

But therein lays the contradiction and political milieu which led to the martyrdom of Mansoor; the old guard religious and political was extremely threatened by what they labeled as heretical exotic philosophies mixing with Sufism Kabbalah, Harufism, Pantheism, Pythagoras, Monism they felt these philosophies would weaken the hold of Abbasid Ulema and help the cause of Mansoor hallaj story in urdu and Ismaili rebellions and Dais.

Hallaj was also suspected of being an Ismaili because he taught the secret code of mystical numbers of the universe and allegedly wrote hexes.