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Marathi Natak Ekankika (natak, ekankika) Ebooks

The play marathi natak full of sarcastic dialogues and satirical reflections that can be pondered upon even today. It is also one of the few plays where one man plays five completely different roles, and has crossed over marathi natak over 52 years, since its inception.

Sahi Re Sahi Image Source: Bharat Jadhav was well on his way to stardom in the Marathi film circuit when the play first opened in Written by Kedar Shinde, the play shows the comedy that follows the accidental murder of industrialist Madan played by Bharat Jadhav.


Four different groups get four imposters of Madan to get their hands on the wealth left behind by Madan. The play went on to make a marathi natak of having the marathi natak number of shows in a calendar year when it was performed times.

Marathi Natak Ekankika Books, natak, ekankika Novels | Dailyhunt

Sahi Re Sahi has had over shows. In marathi natak pursuit of keeping it a secret, Madhav and his friend Udhhav played marathi natak Vinay Yedekar get embroiled in a string of comedic situations.

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali If you are looking for a classic Marathi musical, then you should certainly not miss this one. The play depicts the rivalry between two different gharanas music houses.

Marathi Natak | Top List of Must-watch Marathi Plays

It has a strong classical influence to it and is known for its remarkable soundtracks as well. Needless to say, it would be a treat for all the musical lovers.

Kusum Manohar Lele Kusum Manohar Lele is a tragic Marathi natak that deals with some of the vital issues in our society. It is marathi natak story of a Marathi woman who marathi natak trapped in a false marriage.

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Marathi natak deals with sensitive subjects like surrogacy in an extremely mature way. Khara Sangayach Tar If you like suspense and drama, marathi natak you would certainly love watching this crime mystery as well. Written by Uday Narkar and directed by Vijay Kenkare, it has the perfect blend of thrill and suspense that is sure to keep you hooked till the end.

Natsamrat Natsamrat is one of those classic Marathi dramas, which is about Marathi dramas.

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It is marathi natak story of a celebrated Marathi marathi natak artist marathi natak how he spent some of his last days.

Shriram Lagoo was hugely appreciated for his performance as the lead. Tumhisudha is a medical drama that is sure to make your eyes wet. The Marathi natak is directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni and deals around the complications involved in a life of a Marathi doctor.

Even though it deals with medicine, you would certainly be able to relate to it due to its sheer simplicity.

Shri Tashi Sau After watching these serious Marathi plays, you must be looking for a change. Even though it marathi natak with medicine, you marathi natak certainly be able to relate to it due to its sheer simplicity.