The Mahabharata, Book Mausala Parva: K.M. Ganguli translation, at Mausala Parva. The Curse Upon the Yadu Dynasty. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Shri Krishna, as well as His powerful brother, Balarama. When the thirty-sixth year after the Battle of Kurukshetra had arrived, Yudhisthira saw many unusual portents on earth and in the sky, and soon after he heard of.


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The grieving Arjuna comes to Dwaraka, performs the last rites for the slain Yadavas including Rama and Krishna, takes the widowed Yadava women and young children to Indraprastha.

On the way, the dacoit tribe of Abhiras loot Arjuna's camp, and takes away many Yadava women and the jewels. Mausala parva great bow Gandiva does not work, he forgets the spells for his weapons, his quiver is exhausted, and his valour has diminished.

Krishna's grandson as the king in Mausala parva, and on his way to Hastinapur, consults Vyasa for his advice.

The Mahabharata

Click on the link below or the picture to the left side bar for my Kannada translation of this Parva. Others pick mausala parva the grass too, which transforms into an iron club in their hands.

Everyone, inebriated with alcohol, mausala parva everyone else. Soon everyone who is battling is dead, except Vabhru, Daruka and Krishna. Balarama survives because he was not at the fracas, and not inebriated.

Balarama and Vabhru die next.

The Mahabharata/Book 16: Mausala Parva

Krishna asks Daruka to go to Pandavas, tell what had happened mausala parva ask Mausala parva to come with help. While Daruka was gone, the parva describes how Krishna was killed.

Some of the powder cast in the Prabhas sea had been swallowed by a fish. Inside the fish, the powder has become a metal piece.

Mausala Parva

Jara, a hunter, catches that fish and finds mausala parva metal. Jara sharpens it to make an arrow. He goes hunting, and accidentally shoots Krishna, while Krishna is meditating, thinking he is a deer.

Krishna consoles Jara and then ascended with his four armed form to his abode. Arjuna arrives with help, for the Mausala parva old men, women and children who are the only survivors.


They, including the 16, wives of Krishna, together set off for Indraprastha. As they are leaving, mausala parva rise, Dwaraka sinks into the sea. As women, children and the army of Arjuna walk towards Indraprastha, they are attacked by Mlechhas and robbers.

Mausala Parva - Wikipedia

Arjuna tries to defend, but he fails, his weapons do not work and exhaust. Many women and children panic and run off in different mausala parva.


The surviving mausala parva continue with Arjuna and arrive at Indraprastha. Arjuna becomes depressed and full of doubts about his warrior abilities.

The Vrishnis committed sinful acts and did not feel any shame upon doing mausala parva. They showed disregard for the brahmanas, demigods and the deities.

They insulted and humiliated their seniors and preceptors. Only Mausala parva Krishna and Balarama acted otherwise. Wives deceived their husbands, and husbands deceived their wives.

The sun seemed surrounded by headless trunks of human form. Mausala parva the inauspicious omens, Hrishikesha, the Lord, understood that the thirty-sixth year had come, and that the curse of Gandhari and the brahmanas was now taking effect.