Melody Beattie is one of America's most beloved self-help authors and a household name in addiction and recovery circles. Her international bestselling book. Over the years, Melody Beattie has become well-known in the world of self-help literature. After turning away from a life of addiction and suffering, Mel. Melody Beattie. likes · talking about this. If you've requested my friendship and haven't received an "accept" it's because FB policy won't.


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After several arrests, a judge mandated that she had to "go to treatment for as long as it takes or go melody beattie jail.

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Everything looked connected--like a Monet painting. It wasn't a hallucination; it was what the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous calls 'a spiritual awakening. I finally realized that if Melody beattie put half melody beattie much energy into doing the right thing as I had into doing wrong, I could do anything," Beattie melody beattie.

After eight months of treatment, Melody left the hospital clean and sober, ready to take on new goals: She married a former alcoholic who was also a prominent and respected counselor and had two children with him.

Melody Beattie (Author of Codependent No More)

Melody beattie she had stopped drinking and using drugs, she found herself sinking in despair. She discovered that her husband wasn't sober; he'd been drinking and lying about it since before their marriage.

During her work with the spouses of addicts at a treatment center, she realized melody beattie problems that had led to her alcoholism were still there.

Her pain wasn't about her husband or his drinking; it was melody beattie her. There wasn't a word for codependency yet.


We may become defensive melody beattie push people away. We may withdraw or constantly overreact. While growing up, many of us did not receive the unconditional love we deserved.

Books by Melody Beattie and Complete Book Reviews

Many of us were abandoned or neglected by important people in our life. Blaming ourselves is an understandable reaction, but an melody beattie one. Her father left home when she was a toddler, and she was raised by her mother.

She was abducted by a melody beattie at age four.

Although she was rescued the same day, the incident set the tone for a childhood of abuse, and she was sexually abused by a neighbor throughout her youth.

Her mother turned a blind eye, just melody beattie she had denied the occurrence melody beattie abuse in her own past. She believed in suffering. Beattie began drinking at age 12, was a full-blown alcoholic by age 13, and a junkie by 18, even as she graduated from high school with honors.


She ran with a crowd who robbed pharmacies to get drugs. Everything looked connected—like a Monet painting.