Generate link with comments. Autostatic visceral probe with a helicoidal cover. Abstract. translated from. Images (3). Classifications. machine-classified. The categories of this image should be checked. Check them now! Remove redundant categories and try to put this image in the most specific. De plus, un tel engrenage à roue hélicoïdale ou à vis sans fin (G) permet de à la conversion d'un mouvement de rotation en un mouvement linéaire.


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Who do I contact? Please chat directly with us mouvement helicoidale Nous utilisons un boulon comme axe de rotation de la table.

Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terminology: A lateral tube 13 cf.

EPB1 - Appareil pour fabrication de ressort hélicoïdal - Google Patents

Figures 1 and 3 is connected to the peripheral tube 7 in correspondence of the proximal end 14, thereby communicating said helical channel 5a with the atmosphere, which allows: In case the device 7 or tube 10 has a double wall, the helical channel included in the latter is connected to mouvement helicoidale system not illustrated for adjusting the diameter of the coils 4a or 4b, depending on the conditions of use.

This adjustment system can be constituted by a pneumatic system communicating with the helical channel comprised in said double wall, or by a mouvement helicoidale device for a plastic foam in the same helical channel. mouvement helicoidale

The probe is also effective in digestive surgical intensive if junale high hyperproductive I- stoma. The sensor device shown in Figure 4 corresponds to another preferred mouvement helicoidale and includes a central tube 1 that mouvement helicoidale enveloped by a coating made of one piece and constituted by a peripheral tube 7a step multiturn, namely which has a plurality of independent helical depressions 9a, 9b, 9c and offset with respect to one another in the longitudinal direction.

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These depressions separates a plurality of independent hollow helical reliefs for drawing clarity purposes, we distinguish three hollow helical reliefs separated by said independent helical depressions 9a, 9b, 9c by different signs or lines defining a plurality of turns hollow also independent 4'a, 4 "a, 4" 'a which delimit a plurality of peripheral channels yet also independent 5'a, 5 "a, 5"' has communicating at the proximal end 14, with the light three lateral nozzles among which are visible in Figure 4 only the nozzles 13a and 13b corresponding to the channels 5'a and 5 'a.

It may be noted as external independent helical depressions 9a, 9b, 9c correspond to the interior, also independent helical reliefs defining internal coils 4'a, i, and 4 " 'a, i, while in the external independent coils 4'a, 4 "a and 4" 'a, correspond, on the inside, also independent of the helical depressions 9a, i, 9b, and 9c i, i.

The aforesaid manifolds 13a and 13b may be connected, one of them to a vacuum source, while another an air intake and the third to a source of irrigation or instillation. When it is necessary to ensure the simultaneous and independent movement of two or more physiological fluids while a peripheral channel is intended to ensure the air intake needed for drainage is effected through the central channel 6 simply mouvement helicoidale this feature two or more peripheral channels: Said independent peripheral channels 5'a, 5 "a, 5" 'a can lead, to the distal portion 12 into the central channel 6, such as for example 5'a channel via the side port 15 which provides mouvement helicoidale necessary air intake, or outside of the probe, such as channels 5 "a, 5" 'has through lateral orifices 15b and 15c which provide simultaneous and independent irrigation of the area concerned with the drainage using two appropriate physiological fluids.

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It is obvious that the essential advantage of the probe of Figure 4 consists in the fact to realize, on the surface of a drain tube, a plurality of independent hollow reliefs using a single piece constituted by a coating multiturn helical pitch 7a, made in a single piece, instead of performing said mouvement helicoidale of independent tubes helically wound around said drainage tube and fixed, especially by bonding or other, mouvement helicoidale outer surface thereof.

I goes without saying that even though the description of Figure 4 refers to a center tube 6 and a coil coating step multiturn 7a of cylindrical shape, it also applies to any other shape, including cylindrical-conical, frusto-conical, oval, etc.

The Compilers were confronted with a difficult task, as nowadays science and technology are developing rapidly and the minimum scientific and tech nical vocabulary required by a specialist is increasing accordingly.

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The method of claim 1, wherein the diameter of said mandrel is adjustable and including the step of adjusting the mandrel diameter while the inflated tubular film is passing axially over said mandrel.

The method of claim 6, including the step of adjusting the diameter of said mandrel in response to changes in the rate of air flow or the pressure of the air inflating the tube. The method of claim 1, in which the expanded tubular film while on the mandrel is cut at a cutting zone that has a fixed location relative to the mandrel axis while the flattened tubular film in said first position and said driven supporting surfaces are rotated together bodily in unison around the mandrel axis so that the expanded tubular mouvement helicoidale advances axially along the mandrel while simultaneously undergoing helical rotation, and wherein mouvement helicoidale film supply source is in the form of a reel of said flattened film upstream of said first position, said reel being rotatable about its longitudinal axis and said longitudinal axis is fixed and generally coaxial with the axis of said mandrel, and the flattened film is advanced to said first position substantially axially of the reel.

The method of claim 8, wherein the film is withdrawn from the supply reel through an unwinding zone spaced from the reel mouvement helicoidale, and said unwinding zone is translated around the reel periphery in synchronism with the rotation in unison of the film in said first position and said driven supporting surfaces to cause unwinding of the flattened film generally tangentially from the reel while the reel rotates around said fixed axis.