Visitors to Antwerp have been flocking to the hip Eilandje district, an old dockside neighbourhood, to visit the MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, which opened in. International Competition | 1st Prize | April The Eilandje [The Islet] The new MAS | Museum aan de Stroom Museum by the River is located in the. All reviews top floor panoramic view free view roof terrace curved glass observation deck different theme interesting exhibits modern building temporary.


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In museum objects arrived from various other museums like the Etnographic Museum and the Maritime Museum, which both ceased to exist.

The museum opened for the public on 17 May It is an example of postmodern Art Deco architecture. The MAS housesobjects, most of which are kept in storage.

Ten gigantic natural stone trunks are piled up as a physical demonstration of the heaviness of history, full of historical objects that are the legacy of our ancestors.

It is a storehouse of stacked museum aan de stroom in the middle of the old harbour docks. Every storey of the tower has been rotated a quarter turn, creating a gigantic spiral staircase.

Museum aan de Stroom by Neutelings Riedijk Architecten | Museums

This spiral space, in which a facade of corrugated glass is inserted, forms a public city gallery. The spiral route A route of escalators leads the visitors up from the square up to the top of the tower. The story of the city, its harbour and inhabitants is told in museum aan de stroom spiral tower.

Visitors can enter a museum hall on every level and reflect on the history of the dead city, while on the way museum aan de stroom breath-taking panoramas unfold above the living city.


The top of the museum aan de stroom accommodates a restaurant, a party room and a panoramic terrace, where the present is celebrated and the future is planned. The facades Facades, floors, walls and ceilings of the tower are entirely covered with large panels of hand-cut red Indian sandstone, evoking the image of a monumental stone sculpture.

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom

The four-colour variation of the natural stone panels has been distributed over the facade on the basis of a computer-generated pattern.

The spiral gallery is finished with a gigantic curtain of corrugated glass. Its play of light museum aan de stroom shadow, of transparency and translucence turns this corrugated glass facade into a light counterweight to the heavy stone museum aan de stroom. The ornaments In order to soften the monumental tower volume, a pattern of metal ornaments has been attached to the facade as a veil.

Museum aan de Stroom - Wikipedia

Moreover, the third floor and the walking boulevard host some fascinating and highly diverse temporary exhibitions. But above all, the MAS excels at connecting all these stories.

This is not your typical museum, where you walk from display case to display case. Instead all the stories engage with each other, thanks to the way in which the floors have been arranged and are connected with each other. Ensuring you understand Antwerp and the world a bit better at the museum aan de stroom of your visit.

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A museum that breaks out of its own walls Visiting the MAS means exploring the building from the bottom to the top. As you make your way up the escalators to the next floor, you discover that the museum is actually much greater than museum aan de stroom building.