Nerd Boyfriend does not own the images posted on this site, please contact us with any concerns. Tell yourself, “It's safe to be my genuine self.” Don't try to change yourself to fit the nerd mold. If you are a nerd, that's great! Otherwise, just be true to yourself. Here's why he's a better boyfriend 10 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Make Better Boyfriends . Except my ex was obsessed with League of Legends and Halo.


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Now you can learn all about it in this heartwarming book, Darth Vader and Son. This 64 page hardback book by Jeffery Brown shares the young life and times of Skywalker, or at least how things would have been had Vader chosen to be a better father.

My nerdy boyfriend tool features all of the my nerdy boyfriend tools you would need for minor do it yourself projects and repairs. There are 16 screwdrivers, a tiny hammer, a level, a tape measure, and an LED light to illuminate your way.


Bring back fun childhood memories with this miniature version of your favorite artistic toy. The case offer functional protection for your iPhone and mindless entertainment for children of the? This is the complete unabrigded text my nerdy boyfriend a dust jacket with the original cover painted by author J.

“My Nerdy Boyfriend” the Music Video is on YouTube today! Also on iTunes! – Shauna Sweeney

The pocket edition is a classic, hardback book, only smaller than the original. You might need reading glasses but at least The Hobbit will always my nerdy boyfriend close at hand! It fits in your pocket and feature eight buttons for game controlling my nerdy boyfriend.

Those familiar with the iCade full-size version will recognize this as a miniature model of the original. Allows you to play more than of your favorite retro games with the Atari app. These rhodium plated silver cufflinks are available in two different styles: Enterprise NCC and original series communicator badge.

The cufflinks are a stylish way to show your love of Star Trek and still dress for any special occasion. The game features a bilingual board and property cards, so Star Trek and non-Star Trek fans alike can enjoy the game.

This spin on a traditional game features everything needed for a complete Monopoly game with an extra special Star Trek theme. It soars through the air at up to 40 feet and is extra scary because it? The nylon material is durable and the shark stays inflated with helium for weeks of fun.

This hoodie is warm and soft, but don? The pants feature a drawstring waist and are available in sizes small through double extra large. The Giant Robot Battle Fists will help you achieve victory. These giant inflatable fists are perfect for play fighting or my nerdy boyfriend goofing off at home.

This sided die is red and features an inner LED light that illuminates the numbers.

11 Comics For Couples Who Are Basically Just Two Grown Kids In Love

You can play RPGs in any environment with the die. Even with the electronics inside, the die is weighed evenly for fair play.

They are perfect for anyone who loves science fiction and organization. My nerdy boyfriend are made of durable aluminum and feature a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent slipping. Use together or separately to keep books lined up and orderly.

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This wreath is my nerdy boyfriend after the plastic Christmas decor from years gone by. It features LED lighting and is made to look as if it came right out of your favorite video game.


Now you can enjoy all the marshmallowy goodness without the annoying cereal bites.