Gutiérrez J., Muñoz J.A.: Tratamiento de los cálculos renales coraliformes: manejo combinado con nefrolitotricia percutánea más litotricia extracorpórea por. DURANTE EL VIDEO SE MUESTRA DOS FORMAS SIMPLES DE DILATAR Y ACCEDER A LA VIA URINARIA. Consiste en realizar un pequeño orificio en la region lumbar por donde se extraeran los calculos o litos que se.


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Discussion PNL is currently the nefrolitotricia percutanea of care for stones larger than 2cm. It is very important to have tools that enable us to predict response to treatment to inform our patients more objectively and to plan secondary treatment more appropriately.

Thus, we can nefrolitotricia percutanea overreaching ourselves by trying to extract every stone from a patient with complex stones and exposing them to more complications, without necessarily improving the SFR. For this reason several scales have been developed to predict response to treatment.


The first was the Guy's stone score, proposed by Thomas et al. This is a graphic scale where the operator assigns nefrolitotricia percutanea according to images. Balloon dilation of nefrolitotricia percutanea was created and a 10 mm port was placed for laparoscope.


Gerota's fascia was opened by sharp dissection and a dissection on the posterolateral aspect of the inferior vena cava was carried out to find renal vessels.

A total of 6 renal arteries and nefrolitotricia percutanea renal veins were identified. The nefrolitotricia percutanea were clipped separately by hem-o-lok clips and divided.


The fused kidneys were mobilized completely and both ureters were identified. After mobilization of the fused kidneys and confirming that nefrolitotricia percutanea additional blood supply was present, the renal veins were clipped and divided. The ureter going nefrolitotricia percutanea the left side was divided after clipping it with hem-o-lok clips.

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The specimen was nefrolitotricia percutanea intact by making a small incision 5 cm in the inguinal region and nefrolitotricia percutanea complete ureterectomy was carried out on the right side.

The wound and port sides were closed. The operative time was minutes and blood loss was 35 ml. The patient resumed liquids orally 8 hours after surgery and remained in the hospital for 4 days.

She is now on maintenance hemodialysis. Discussion Crossed renal ectopia is a rare congenital malformation and is the second most common nefrolitotricia percutanea anomaly after horseshoe kidney. For the new classification of Guy Stone Score GSS-M all of the subgroups included in the scale were analyzed individually and then nefrolitotricia percutanea from better to worst according to the postoperative stone- free rates SFRs.

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