A heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection method mainly used to identify Jakob Nielsen's heuristics are probably the most-used usability. Though many groups have developed heuristics, one of the best-known sources is the set developed by Nielsen's in Nielsen refined the list originally. One of the pioneers who tried to objectively evaluate the user experience on digital platforms is Jakob Nielsen with his heuristic evaluation.


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This principle talks about giving the user the freedom to navigate and perform actions. The freedom to undo any accidental actions.

Consistency is the key.

A Submit button in one page should look the same across the site on any page. If we show the data in a particular table format on one page, it should look the same the next nielsen s heuristics data is being shown in tabular format. How the same button can transform across different pages of the same site.

How many times did your outlook remind you that there is no attachment in the email while you mentioned that something is attached? Outlook intuitively scans the email for such keywords and alerts the user before sending.

Usability consultants Rolf Molich nielsen s heuristics Jakob Nielsen developed this method on the basis of several years of experience in teaching and consulting about usability engineering.

Heuristic evaluations are one of the most informal methods [1] of usability inspection in the field of human—computer interaction. There are many sets of usability design heuristics; they are not mutually exclusive nielsen s heuristics cover many of the same aspects of user interface design.


Quite often, usability problems that are discovered are categorized—often on a numeric scale—according to their estimated impact on user performance or acceptance. Often the heuristic evaluation is conducted in the context of use cases typical user tasksto provide feedback to the developers on the extent to which the interface is likely to be compatible nielsen s heuristics the intended users' needs and preferences.

10 Nielsen’s Heuristics Explained

The simplicity of heuristic evaluation is beneficial at the early stages of design. This usability inspection method does not require user testing which can be burdensome nielsen s heuristics to the need for users, a place to test them and a payment for their time.

Heuristic evaluation requires only one expert, reducing the complexity and expended time for evaluation. Nielsen s heuristics heuristic evaluations can be accomplished in a matter of days. The time required varies with the size of the artefact, its complexity, the purpose of the review, the nature of the usability issues that arise in the review, and the competence of the reviewers.

Using heuristic evaluation prior to user testing will reduce the number and severity of design errors discovered by users. Although heuristic evaluation can uncover many major nielsen s heuristics issues in a short period of time, a criticism that is often leveled is that results are highly influenced by the knowledge of the expert reviewer s.

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design | Design Principles FTW

Pros and Cons of Heuristic Evaluation Like any suggested method in research and design, there are both pros and nielsen s heuristics in the usability inspection method of heuristic evaluation.

Evaluating designs using a set of heuristics can help identify usability problems with individual elements and how they impact the overall user experience. Cons of Heuristic Evaluation Choosing appropriate heuristics is extremely important; if the wrong set of heuristics is employed, certain usability problems may be overlooked.

Heuristic evaluation might be relatively time-consuming when compared to other 'quick and dirty' inspection methods, such as simple walkthroughs with a small sample of users. Training nielsen s heuristics takes about a week on average, not including the time it takes to conduct the evaluations and debriefing sessions.

Unlike cognitive walkthroughs, nielsen s heuristics evaluation is based on preconceived notions of what makes 'good' usability.

However, this need not be seen as a negative point, as heuristics are often based on the experiences of real users with hundreds of designs. Problems identified by evaluators can often be false alarms.

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The Nielsen s heuristics Away Generating your own heuristics is an important skill to have. Heuristic evaluation can be a useful inspection method; however, some experts have identified issues with evaluators reporting false alarms, rather than genuine problem elements within designs.