A planned, organized online marketing campaign with rotation through a variety of targeted sites is not hard to coordinate, does not need to cost a great deal of money and can generate traffic and sales faster than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A great social media campaign has the potential to boost your brand Here are the 10 most impactful digital marketing campaigns that have lit. A campaign is a detailed, step-by-step approach to meeting your marketing goals, whether those are to acquire a certain number of new paying customers, increase brand mentions and "reach," or achieve another measurable objective.


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A content marketing campaign will allow you to do just that. Ultimately, your brand will gain a reputation as a fountain of niche expertise, earning thought leadership in your industry.

Here are some of the advantages of running a carefully-devised content marketing campaign: When you teach your prospects how to do something, unlock some hidden insights, or shed completely new light on a situation, you begin to earn their trust.

At the same time, you build up your brand online marketing campaign an authoritative source of knowledge. You can capture new leads, no matter where they may be within the buyer journey.

Some of your prospects are aware they have a problem and are starting their search for the answer, others are considering and evaluating potential solutions, and yet online marketing campaign are ready to buy now. With content, you can meet needs at each stage and subtly present your product and services as the answer.

To maximize the potential of your efforts, be online marketing campaign to do the following: It will keep your content production humming along, as long as you stick to it. Then, follow the script, create the content, and be helpful!

Find some relevant keywords and phrases that your prospects are using in Google and online marketing campaign search engines the Google AdWords Keyword Planner is an indispensable tooland weave those phrases naturally into your written content.

Blog posts, ebooks, white papers, podcasts, videos, and infographics are all valuable content formats.


Creating a good mix will increase the chances of the right people becoming aware of and interested in your brand at the right time. An informative blog post, case study, or brochure can be an amazing tool in the hands of online marketing campaign sales reps.

Run a Winning Internet Marketing Campaign in 10 Steps

The right content, shared by a sales rep whom the buyer has begun a fruitful relationship with, can make all the difference — and online marketing campaign to more closed sales. Know the Channels to find your Audience Different Marketing Channels After determining the right buyer personas, you need to figure out how and where to online marketing campaign your audience.

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You need to be aware of the channels where you can post Ads. Red Bull did this with their thissummer hashtag. Glu Instagram About the Company Glu Mobile is a well-known smart-device online marketing campaign publisher that has been around since Goal To increase app installations. Glu wanted to increase the number of installs for their new game, Diner Dashand their marketing marvels knew they also had to target a wider audience segment.

The Instagram campaign was also run as a part of testing out the waters to see whether or not the platform was a viable option for online marketing campaign new users.

They created smart online marketing campaign ads displaying a real chef and added some Diner Dash food items from the game to the ad image. Including a direct and clear CTA on your posts is important to drive specific behaviors.

5 Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Paid Media Paid media is a bit self-explanatory in what online marketing campaign name suggests -- and refers to any vehicle or channel that you spend money on to catch the attention of your buyer personas. This includes things like Google Online marketing campaign, paid social media posts, native advertising like sponsored posts on other websitesand any other medium for which you directly pay in exchange for visibility.


Gather what you have, and categorize each online marketing campaign or asset in a spreadsheet, so you have a clear picture of your existing owned, earned, and paid media.

Your digital marketing strategy might incorporate elements of all three channels, all working together to help you reach your goal.

Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

To amplify the number of leads that content generates, online marketing campaign might have made a real online marketing campaign to make it shareable, meaning others are distributing it via their personal social media profiles, increasing traffic to the landing page. That's the earned media component.

I recommend strongly in this section that you break up your tactical solutions into: The basic structure is: Trust more in the power of real people. Modern consumers are wary of ads, banners, and paid search results.