Pulsating with the sprit of Indian Culture and located in the central part of India, Odisha is like a bridge between the northern and southern halves of the country. provides you on-line info on Culture of Orissa, India, Orissa Culture. Of all the regional cultures, Odisha or the ancient Kalinga played a very The history of Odisha art and architecture is dating from B.C., when Ashok, the.


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An interesting variation is iron artifacts by heating and beating process using traditional implements like orissa cultural and hammer. The artifacts orissa cultural a host of decorative items from animals and bird figures to human shapes and composition meant for wall hangings in addition to the agricultural tools which are utilitarian.


Odia Cusine As would be expected in an agrarian State orissa cultural fields shimmer with a hundred different shades of green, Odisha produces a variety of vegetables. Fish, crabs and prawns make delicious dishes.

Culture of Odisha

Traditional Odia meal, served in many small orissa cultural arranged around a large thali Platter is prepared and spiced with a light touch. Sweet meats like Chhenapoda baked cheeseChhenajhilli, Rasabali all made from milk etc are among the typical sweetmeats.

Odisha is also famous for its own Pitha various types of orissa cultural. You should have a taste of the same at least for a change.

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And, no visitor should leave Odisha without sipping fresh green coconut water. The top of the young coconut will be sliced off in front of you; straws are then inserted to enable you to drink orissa cultural naturally cool and pure orissa cultural inside.

It is more refreshing than a soft drink, and will leave a lingering sense of refreshment and freshness. Imagine a land where the sun illuminates the 'black pagoda', where the sea flirts with the sand and a lake which onsets for a perfect holiday with its avian friends.


Odisha also known as Kalinga or Utkala of Mahabharata fame indeed holds an ancient substratum with its splendid temples, glistening golden beaches and prominent architectures. This state lies in the tropical zones along the eastern coast of India. Kissed by the pearly waters of the Bay of Bengal and crowned by the heavily forested hills of the Eastern Ghats, this dreamland offers a splendid amalgamation of rural tranquility with boisterous modern urban adroitness.

Ductile coastlines, deep valleys of the Mahanadi River,the lush paddy fields may inspire the poet within you, but cannot stop you from experiencing the gushing waterfalls, which dive down with a thunder in sanctuaries and forestlands well known for their white tiger safari in orissa cultural world.

Odisha has vast mineral, marine and forest resources for setting up large, medium and small scale orissa cultural.

Culture of Orissa, India, Orissa Culture

Overview orissa cultural Tribes in Odisha Since prehistoric days the land of Odisha has been inhabited by various people. The earliest settlers of Odisha were orissa cultural hill orissa cultural.

Although prehistoric communities cannot be identified, it is well known that Odisha had been inhabited by tribes like Saora or Sabar from the Mahabharata days. Saora in the hills and the Sahara and Sabar of the plains continue to be an important tribe distributed almost all over Odisha.

Odisha Culture : 10 Things That You Must Know!

Most of the tribal people have been influenced by Hindus and have adopted Hindu manners, customs and orissa cultural. Bonda Parajas of Koraput district are the best example of these tribes. Most of the tribal people and much of the population in Odisha belong to the Australoid group in racial history, while orissa cultural of the general population belongs to the broad-headed Alpine type.

Besides this, a sprinkling of Mediterranean type is found in the general population.