The aim of the Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine is to provide a practical guide for junior doctors in the developing world, one that is small. The Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine, fourth edition is the definitive resource for medical problems in tropical regions, and in low-resource settings. Delivering the facts to your fingertips, the Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine provides an accessible and comprehensive, signs-and-symptoms-based source.


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Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology by Wallace Peters The excellent range of images presented make this text a must for students studying tropical medicine and parasitology within the clinic, laboratory or the field.


It offers a general, yet informed, introduction to students, giving them a broad overview of the subject area. Health reforms were under way: However, ordinary people want help when they need it, and a healthcare system that cannot oxford handbook tropical medicine individual care loses credibility.

Medicine in Zambia is still dominated by malaria, diarrhoea, malnutrition, respiratory infection, and HIV related diseases.

Top ten books for students of tropical medicine | Working in development | The Guardian

Other than in major centres, doctors often work on their own with inadequate laboratory back up, but diagnoses must still be made and management planned. For most medical conditions no confirmatory or monitoring tests are available.

The first 16 pages make up the introduction, which briefly covers such topics as WHO's Essential Drugs Programme, outbreak investigations, universal and isolation precautions, and oxford handbook tropical medicine management of childhood diseases.

The next section pages covers five major infectious disease areas malaria, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases, and acute respiratory infections. Except for the section on fevers and systemic signs, the rest of the book oxford handbook tropical medicine systems based, covering most internal medicine topics, including cardiology, chest medicine, renal diseases, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, nutrition, injuries and poisoning, and immunization.

Each section spans pages of very small print, for which those of us over 40 will need the assistance of a magnifying glass.

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Before we tell you what we thought of the book, let us point out two refreshing features. The authors ask that readers provide comments and criticisms for improving future editions.

This is a clue as to the identity of the authors. The second is the authors' expectation that readers would and should adapt the book for local conditions.

Book: Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

To this end, they have included blank pages throughout the book for the reader to add and modify treatments and diagnostic tests oxford handbook tropical medicine necessary. This book focuses on diseases, both infectious and non-infectious that are seen in tropical developing countries and on therapies that are available there.


You will not find imipenem, moxifloxacin, insulin pumps, or even culture and sensitivity data. Drugs recommended may not always be ideal, but they are likely to be available locally.