Weddings in Pakistan are an interesting affair. Right from the time that the wedding dates are finalised up to the actual event, both sets of. NIKKAH NAMA REGISTRATION. Nikah is a Muslim marriage legal contract between husband and wife and it is necessary according to Islamic teaching. Getting Urdu NikahNama (Marriage Contract), the related issues are uphill tasks for expatriate / abroad Pakistanis. NikkahNama form has 4 copies dully filled by Nikah registrar (Nikah Khawan). The NADRA Marriage Certificate provides further evidence of marriage registration.


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Nikahnama pakistani nikah nama dully filled by Nikah registrar and signatures from all relevant persons, it is a legal proof of marriage in Islam.

Imam announce loudly all terms and conditions of Nikah in gathering and normally Nikah ceremony held in Mosque or open space. Under the Muslim Family Pakistani nikah nama OrdinanceIt is mandatory that the Nikah Nama is registered with the local Union Council, where an original copy of Nikah Nama is kept as public record and two other copies to be served to bride and groom.

Pakistani Nikah Nama - Urdu Nikahnama Registration

It can be in the form of cash or kind, anything that has monetary value such as jewellery or land. English translation of the nikah nama There are two kinds of mehr: Empowerment comes from education so it's important that women know pakistani nikah nama in this document," shares Neel Shahnawaz, an upcoming lawyer and social worker.

I cannot stress this enough: Your mehr is yours and yours alone; no one can take it away from the bride, your immediate family or any male relatives are not entitled to it. It is wholly and pakistani nikah nama the wife's right.

Decoding: The Nikahnama

In the haze of love, you don't think about anything going wrong in the future but this is about being smart. And while some believe that even if the mehr is not mentioned in the nikah nama, it is an overarching obligation and the law will award it on the demand of the wife, it can't hurt to have it in writing.

It's better to be safe than sorry! The clauses you really need to look out for Clause 17 asks the parties to list down any special conditions they may have, as long as they don't go against Shariah law and pakistani nikah nama law of the land, from monthly maintenance, whether the woman will continue working after marriage or even a breakdown of household chores.

It allows the husband and wife to put any conditions they deem necessary for a framework of a successful marriage so it's baffling to me that this section is more often than not left blank. It gives you the opportunity to more or less make it pakistani nikah nama prenuptial agreement.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Online - Get Nikah Certificate

What is the right to divorce and how is it different from a khula? Clauses accommodate right to divorce, the first of which asks whether the husband would pakistani nikah nama to delegate the right to divorce to his wife and the latter asks if the husband's right to divorce has been curtailed in any way.

Clearly, divorce by a woman is a right has been given to us by law. Pakistani nikah nama it is not encouraged.

Often, these sections are struck out completely, pakistani nikah nama by pakistani nikah nama qazi officiating the marriage or by family members because they don't want to think about the dissolution of the marriage at the auspicious time of its beginning or simply because they deem it unnecessary since a woman always retains her right to a khula if things go awry.

But a khula is conditional and not the same thing as a right to divorce your husband. Khula is when a woman initiates dissolution of the marriage in court, which she can obtain even without her husband's consent provided she foregoes pakistani nikah nama mehr, maintenance and alimony.

You have to get a lawyer, prepare a case and then the judge will decide if you will be granted one or not. When you're "delegated" the right to divorce, you can simply opt out of the marriage using the same legal procedures as are ordinarily followed by men.

Read this before you sign your nikah nama - Art & Culture - Images

You write up a divorce deed, present it to the Union Council and your spouse and if attempts at reconciliation fail, you are issued a divorce certificate within three months. The most abused clause in the nikahnama pertains to the chief right of a married woman: Although many girls are now aware of the issue and have raised their concerns prior to getting married, reserving the right to divorce is still somewhat of a social taboo which many families avoid lest they look bad before the in-laws.

Banker Rabia Ali, for example, was labelled misguided and rebellious for expressing her desire to pakistani nikah nama her right to annulment. If the related section is left unfilled, she must take the matter to court and file for a khula from the Family Courts of Law, also known as a dissolution of marriage by way of pakistani nikah nama divorce.

Urdu Nikahnama Registration

Unfortunately, a khula denies one of the advantage of the pakistani nikah nama mehr, placing them pakistani nikah nama a financial disadvantage that dissuades many women from seeking it. You must decide whether you want to retain the clause which would entitle you to receive your mehr in case you ever need to initiate a divorce.

Although it has been 10 years since she got married, homemaker Madiha Sarwar, still regrets having signed her nikahnama without adequate research.


For instance, many couples determine a monetary allowance which the husband must give the wife every month, thereby further securing her financial.

Interestingly, the wife may challenge this amount in court even years after the nikah, keeping inflation and pakistani nikah nama growing needs in mind.