Text des Patentgesetz, Stand: Patentgesetz. Front Cover. Sarastro Gmbh. BoD – Books on Demand, Deutschland Limited preview - Terkko Navigator / Patentgesetz und Gebrauchsmustergesetz: in der Fassung v. protection Patent laws and legislation Deutschland / Patentgesetz sähkökirjat. desrepublik Deutschland erteilte europäische Patente nur dann durch ein deutsches . ein im Verfahren nach dem Patentgesetz erteiltes Patent zu behandeln.


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dictionary :: Patentgesetz PatG [Deutschland] :: German-English translation

The translation includes the amendment s to the Act by Article 1 patentgesetz deutschland the Act of Patentgesetz deutschland material which is isolated from its natural environment or produced by means of a technical process can also be the subject of an invention even if it previously patentgesetz deutschland in nature.

Section 1a 1 The human body, at the various stages of its formation and development, including germ cells, and the simple discovery of one of its elements, including the sequence or partial sequence of a gene, cannot constitute patentable inventions.


The relevant provisions of the Embryo Protection Act Embryonenschutzgesetz shall govern the application of nos 1 to 3. This shall not apply to products, in particular patentgesetz deutschland substances or compositions, for use in one of these methods.

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Section 1a 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis. Section 3 1 An invention shall be deemed to be new if it does not patentgesetz deutschland part of the state of the art.

Das Patentgesetz für das Deutsche Reich (Book, ) []

The state of the art shall be held to comprise all knowledge made available to the public before the date governing the filing or priority date of the application by means of a written or oral description, by use or in any other way.

European applications as filed with the competent authority if the application seeks protection in the Federal Republic of Germany and the designation fee has been paid in respect of the Federal Republic of Germany pursuant to Article 79 paragraph 2 of the European Patent Convention, and if, in the case of a Euro-PCT application Article paragraph 2 of the European Patent Conventionthe requirements laid down in Article paragraph 5 of the European Patent Convention are fulfilled; 3.

If the earlier filing or patentgesetz deutschland date of an application is based on the claim to the priority of an earlier application, the first sentence shall apply only to the extent that the version of the application in question does not extend beyond the version of the earlier application.

Patent applications pursuant to the first sentence, patentgesetz deutschland. The first sentence, no.

Exhibitions patentgesetz deutschland to in the first sentence, no. Section 4 An invention shall be deemed to involve an inventive step if, having regard to the state of the art, it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art.

Germany: Patent Act (as amended up to Act of October 19, )

If the state of the art also includes documents within patentgesetz deutschland meaning of section 3 2these documents shall not be considered in deciding whether there has been an inventive step. Section 5 An invention shall be deemed to be susceptible of industrial application patentgesetz deutschland it can be made or used in any kind of industry, including agriculture.

Section 6 The right to a patent shall belong to the inventor or his successor in title. If two or more persons have jointly made an invention, the right to the patent shall belong to them jointly.

Section 7 1 In order to avoid the substantive examination of the patent patentgesetz deutschland being delayed due to the need to establish the identity of the inventor, the applicant shall be deemed, in the proceedings patentgesetz deutschland the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, to be entitled to request the grant of the patent.

Section 8 The entitled person in respect of whose invention an application has been filed patentgesetz deutschland a non- entitled person or a party aggrieved by usurpation can require the patent applicant to assign to him the right to the grant of the patent. Where the application has already resulted in a patent, he can patentgesetz deutschland the proprietor of the patent to transfer the patent.

Patentgesetz (Deutschland)

Subject to the fourth and fifth sentences, the right can be patentgesetz deutschland by bringing an action only within a time limit of two years after publication of the grant of the patent section 58 1.

If the aggrieved party has filed opposition on the ground of usurpation section 21 1 no. The third and fourth sentences shall not apply if the proprietor of the patent did not act in good faith when obtaining the patent.

Section 9 The patent shall have the effect that the proprietor of the patent alone shall be entitled to use the patented invention within the scope of the law in force. In the absence of the consent of the proprietor of the patent, any third party shall be prohibited patentgesetz deutschland 1.