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I moaned, forgetting myself for a minute. I shivered as Christian added another layer to his onslaught of sensation.

His ruggedly, stubbly chin made it into the crook of my neck. Judging by his groan he took immense delight in dragging the stiff, shadowy growth over my hypersensitive skin.

Goose bumps raced pdf 50 shades of grey no the back of a shiver, all over my fevered limbs. It did nothing to dampen my need, in fact, desire spiked along with the shot of adrenaline his promise drew.

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I licked my blistering lips, dry as they were from his kisses and my rapid breaths. I hissed as he found a particularly erogenous spot below my ear, my body bucking into him.

In the silence I could hear my heart thump-thumping against his pressed-up chest and I was sure he could feel pdf 50 shades of grey no bounding as it hammered against its bony cage.

When he spoke he did so with his head still buried in my neck, hiding his expression from me.

Fifty Shades by E.L. James series

I wanted to tell you in person. Are… are you mad? What made you decide to do that? I cupped his cheek, mirroring his tenderness as his slate eyes snared mine but I stared right back.

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No reservations, no pdf 50 shades of grey no and more than anything I want to share parenthood with you. From the very start. I watched in fascination and a touch of dread as the emotions flitted across his handsome face until he finally settled onto one, matching the colour of his eyes with the intensity of the hopeful light that I could see dawning.

His mouth split in two, the arc of his full HD beam as wide as it was joyous.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Books

It was — hands down — the best angel-chorus moment. Christian speechless was priceless.

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  • Chapter 39

I sucked in a relieved breath before offering him an answering smile but before I could his mouth sealed over mine, clashing. This kiss was something else altogether.

Chapter 39 | fifty shades of grey and more

He unleashed himself on me; that tightly coiled restraint whipping free, going for a rampage on my lips. It felt as though he wanted to climb inside of me, take me under siege, make us more one that we already were in our married union. Such a Christian question! I thought, almost cringing at the shocking intimacy but my mind was otherwise occupied, my pdf 50 shades of grey no tucked into an inaccessible corner.

Seven days to what?

I thought vaguely, too possessed by him to care. With impatient hands he pawed me, brutally eager to feel every curve and plane.


He was grateful and I took it all, nothing wavering as I held on, my hands fisting his hair, growing more and more desperate for my banked release. One calloused hand, rough as it rasped over my skin, speared pdf 50 shades of grey no our bodies so that he could grip the top of my panties.

A sure tug had them caught between the lips of my sex allowing the scrap of lace to give me the friction I craved. I moaned — loudly, brazenly, the world falling away so I could concentrate on him and his mind-blowing skills.