Pemberontakan PKI Madiun Peristiwa Madiun tidak dapat dipisahkan dari pembentukan Front Dmokrasi Rakyat (FDR) pada tanggal 28 Juni Jump to The return of Musso and the reorganization of FDR/PKI - These re-appointments were made legitimate grounds by FDR/PKI's enemies to launch. Pemberontakan PKI Pemberontakan PKI atau yang juga disebut Peristiwa Madiun adalah pemberontakan komunis yang terjadi pada tanggal


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Events prior to the revolt[ edit ] The downfall of Sjarifuddin Cabinet and the formation of Hatta Cabinet[ edit ] Opinions regarding the trigger of the conflict vary. According to Kreutzer, the pemberontakan pki madiun of Amir Sjarifuddin government in January was the origin of the Madiun Affair.

Sjahrir group's opposition grew bigger as Sjarifudin put strong emphasis on their alignment with Russia and class welfare.

Sjarifuddin premiership ended on 28 January Prior to this, Sjahrir, Dr.

Leimena, and several political activists approached Hatta and requested him to become the next prime minister. Hatta agreed on the condition that he got PNI and Masjumi's support. Driven by the need to form a cabinet with national support both right-wing and left-wingHatta pemberontakan pki madiun Sjarifuddin's faction some posts in the cabinet.

Madiun Affair - Wikipedia

In the beginning they pemberontakan pki madiun to get a place in the government by showing willingness to co-operate.

The new program ordered, among others, pemberontakan pki madiun opposition of the Renville Agreement; 2 discontinuation of the negotiations with the Dutch; and 3 nationalization of all foreign enterprises. The FDR had two principal bases of strength: In his capacity of Minister of Defense from July 3, to January 28,Sjarifuddin had "managed to build up a strong personal opposition within the army".


Those loyal military officers were often the ones who knew the location of numerous arms and munitions kept in the mountainous areas in anticipation pemberontakan pki madiun further Dutch military action. Established in early August when Sjarifuddin was the Prime Ministerthis organization was aimed at organizing popular defense on a local basis to support the army.

Madiun Affair

The member of this organization was mainly urban and plantation labor with the Republic, and its member was estimated to be betweenandA month after the establishment of his cabinet, Hatta began the rationalization program based on Pemberontakan pki madiun Decree No.

According to Hatta, there pemberontakan pki madiun three ways to achieving those objectives; 1 demobilize military officers who wanted to return to their previous jobs teachers, private employees2 send the military officers back to the ministry of development and youth, and 3 demobilize hundreds of military officers to return to village communities.

In addition, there were at leastexcess troops in the Republic while there was an inadequate pemberontakan pki madiun of arms and munitions for them. To anticipate the critical problems—economic, military, and political—emerging from this situation, Hatta and his cabinet immediately decided to embark upon a rationalization program.

At the initial stage of reorganization, there weretroops left. This program was expected to leave only 57, regular troops at the end.

PEMBERONTAKAN PKI MADIUN by sisca kumala on Prezi

They viewed TNI masjarakat as less well-trained and uneducated military organization which was strongly associated with communist organizations. FDR was not the only group that opposed Hatta's rationalization.

Among the military unit which began to oppose the Hatta government was Division IV, better known as Divisi Senopati, which was stationed in Solo and placed under the command of Colonel Pemberontakan pki madiun.

They transformed Division IV into a "battle-ready military unit" which gained support from the majority of Solo's population and FDR followers. For those who were pro-FDR, this pemberontakan pki madiun was perceived as part of the Hatta's rationalization program. Heavily dominated by communists, SOBSI organized pemberontakan pki madiun number of strikes to protest against the government.

The most important strike took place in Solo. Plantation workers protested against the government in response to deteriorating condition of the economy following economic blockade by the Dutch and government's failure to eliminate feudalism and to stop the "speculative pemberontakan pki madiun of black market.


They responded to this accusation by saying that it was the government that endangered the Republic with its ineffective and incorrect economic policies. Suripno was a young communist who became the representative of the Republic of Pemberontakan pki madiun at the Congress of World Federation of Democratic Youth in Prague in