The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). Rahma Mulyani studies Aquaculture and Ikan Sepatung. Bookmark. Teknik Pendederan 1 dan 2 Ikan Nila Merah (Oreocromis sp.)more. by Rahma Mulyani. The research aimed to identify and analyze the structure of cost, income and business efficiency of GMT tilapia hatchery Buni Sari farm group in Caringin Wetan.


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Be-weekly plankton samples and fry fish guts were taken from fish hapa rearing, meanwhile brood fish gut were taken monthly.

Be-weekly plankton and water monitoring were also applied in fish rearing without feed, water outside of hapas and river. Two units of bamboo frame, 6 x 6 m2 divided into 4 blocks respectively, were used for fixing 2 x 3 x 1 m3 hatchery hapa, and 1 x 2 x 1 m3 rearing hapa.

Plankton pendederan ikan nila and composition in hatchery and rearing hapas were higher density than water reservoir and river.

All size of red tilapia consumed selected plankton species, about Dominant pendederan ikan nila in hapa water were: Navicula, Closteriopsis, Sphaerocystis, Surirella dan Arthrodesmus and among them were prefered by red tilapia as natural food, namely Navicula, Surirella, Closteriopsis dan Sphaerocystis.

There are five group with different segmentation of business.

Analisis Pendapatan Usaha Pembenihan dan Pendederan Ikan Nila GMT

Saves given pellets and reduce pollution because the rest of the pool feed. Feeding The feed given to the seed catfish, ranging from the larvae after starting to eat until the age of at least two weeks to eat natural food of protozoa and zooplankton Daphnia and moina.

Catfish farmers in pendederan ikan nila pool tarpaulin used to provide feed silk worms as a natural food easily available and good nutritious.

Furthermore, catfish seeds can be given artificial feed pellets with a small size until the size of the pellets were pendederan ikan nila to the size of the mouth of catfish. The aim is to save costs for feed.


Treatment Catfish, including fish species that can survive in water that is less good condition with a high density. This is pendederan ikan nila the catfish has a respirator alai labyrinth can be used to take oxygen directly from air. | Hot Movie | Funny Video | Your most vivid video collection

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