Porsche brochures, catalogues in PDF format. It probably takes . North American brochure. “Built with the Turbo USA Owner's Manual. 8/ ·. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Porsche Turbo Coupe & Cabriolet Dealer Sales Brochure. was the very first year for the body style. Results 1 - 48 of - Old Original Sales Brochure Porsche & Very Rare . PORSCHE GT3 HARDBACK PRESTIGE BROCHURE.


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Maximum torque of Nm is available between 1, and 5, rpm. With a standard manual gearbox, the new Turbo requires just 3.

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Equipped with the latest optional Tiptronic S transmission, the car is 0. One of the most important engine technologies, appearing for the first time on a Porsche, is Variable Turbine Geometry see page The main components on this system are the adjustable guide vanes which channel the exhaust flow onto the turbines, enabling higher turbine speeds at lower engine rpm.

It was only porsche 997 brochure to bridge this gap using materials developed for aerospace applications. The primary benefits of Variable Turbine Geometry include faster response, higher torque output from lower engine speeds, and greater top-end power. Porsche 997 brochure torque is also available over a wider engine speed range.

Porsche Brochures and Sales Literature -

To apply these benefits efficiently to the road, we required another innovation in sportscar design: Using an electronically controlled porsche 997 brochure clutch, this intelligent technology provides variable drive to each axle.

Although biased towards the rear, the front receives more power whenever porsche 997 brochure situation requires. Porsche Traction Management is specifically designed to optimise driving dynamics. The additional traction provided by both the all-wheel drive system and PTM represents a major improvement in active safety, especially in the wet or on snow.

Porsche Brochures and Sales Literature

Another benchmark technology on the new Turbo is the standard braking system. The front and rear discs have a generous diameter of mm.


A limited-slip differential is available for the rear axle as an option. For even greater performance, the car can porsche 997 brochure equipped with the optional Sport Chrono Package Turbo.

Porsche brochures, catalogues in PDF format

When the throttle is fully open, the boost pressure is increased temporarily by approximately 0. The electronic throttle map is also adjusted to give a more dynamic porsche 997 brochure to pedal inputs.


The all-wheel drive system featuring PTM provides a similar increase in driver involvement by sending a greater proportion of drive torque directly to the rear wheels. PASM provides a stiffer suspension setup enabling faster turn-in and better road contact.

The doors and front lid are made from aluminium which offers a range of benefits in terms of porsche 997 brochure performance and economy. Every gram of weight on every component is there for a specific reason.

As a result, the standard model with six-speed manual gearbox weighs just 1, kg. Even more impressive are the power-to-weight ratio of This powerful potential is, of course, matched by exemplary ride quality on every type of road.

This rare combination of performance and comfort is one of the distinguishing features of the Turbo. Poised for action, yet always relaxed. Designing the Turbo The extreme capability of the new Turbo is elegantly enclosed in a highly distinctive exterior.

While signalling the unique athleticism of the car, porsche 997 brochure remains unmistakably