Essa aula se encerra por completo a portaria /98 ou ainda tem mais pode ser dispensada em. Elaboração de um Modelo de Referência para o Processo de Radiologia. de Garantia da Qualidade em Radiodiagnostico da Portaria com limites, prazos. Descritores: Radiologia intervencionista, Hemodinâmica, Controle de qualidade . However, it is important to note that the Order (Portaria) /98 generalizes.


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It is one of the radiodiagnosismethods which give patients highest radiation doses, and wherethe exposure to radiation portaria 453 radiologia more critical for the practitioners.

The percutaneous access is performed by means of a guidedcatheter inserted by the physician.

The catheter insertion up tothe treatment site, as well as the whole diagnostic andtherapeutical procedure, is performed under fluoroscopy, whoseimages are displayed on monitors portaria 453 radiologia inside and out of the room. Because of the need for iodine contrast injection, and their highdegree of complexity, the procedures require the support ofassistant physicians, technicians and nurses to be performed.


Fora better visualization of the site to be investigated, portaria 453 radiologia ispossible to change the x-ray beam angle of incidence around thepatient, sometimes increasing the level of radiation exposure portaria 453 radiologia operator and assistants near the x-ray equipment.

Additionally to the relative positioning of the x-ray tube, theradiation exposure is proportional to the technique utilizedduring the whole procedure, and parameters like voltage kV ,amperage mAdosing rates, the fluoroscopy times, amongothers.

Portaria 453/98 pt.1

On the other hand, in interventional radiology, attention mustbe paid to the imaging quality, considering the reduced calibersand different densities of structures and tissues to bestudied. So, the optimization of portaria 453 radiologia practices in interventionalradiology is a critical aspect that should not be disregarded.

Quality control procedures constitute a tool in the process ofoptimization of the radiological protection in the practices, bymeans of monitoring of the different parameters influencing theequipment performance, the radiation doses both for patients andpractitioners, and the images quality.

The quality control allowsthe monitoring and maintenance of the quality necessary fordiagnostic or therapeutical purposes of the interventionalprocedures in question 2,3.

Performing periodical portaria 453 radiologia is not a routine practice in theBrazilian hospitals yet. The objective of portaria 453 radiologia present study was to evaluate the performance of a x-ray equipment utilized in interventional radiology, applying some quality control tests.

Portaria by Maitte Luara on Prezi

The equipment operates in the following modes: The fluoroscopy modes determine the dosing rates delivered by the x-ray beams. So, for a single exposure time, the high mode should deliver to the portaria 453 radiologia a higher dose than the low and normal modes.

The magnification modes allow an portaria 453 radiologia in spatial resolution of images of the region to be studied.

It is important to note that the lower the magnification mode, the higher the patient dose to allow a same image quality. The values of 13 cm, 18 cm and 23 cm represent the diameter of the image intensifier input screen utilized.


In equipment evaluated in the portaria 453 radiologia study, the controllers for the arc movements and distance between the x-ray tube and the images intensifier are coupled with the table.

The equipment has two video monitors inside the room for visualizing the procedures Figure 2.

Resolução /94 by Mai Fukuda on Prezi

The video monitor at left is utilized for images freezing, while the video monitor portaria 453 radiologia right displays real time image during the procedure. For the procedures optimization, the quality of the images must meet the quality criteria according to the objective to be reached. One of the ways to estimate the radiation dose delivered tothe patients is measuring the portaria 453 radiologia of energy deposited per massunit, denominated "air kerma", expressed in milliGray mGy.


Dosimetric tests were performed to evaluate the air kerma ratein the patient's portaria 453 radiologia entrance, in the image intensifier input,and image quality test for evaluating high- and low-contrastspatial resolutions and distortion.

Also the half-value layer HVL was evaluated.