I wouldn't say I "couldn't stand" Prince of Nothing, but I put down The Darkness That Comes Before about a third of the way in, for similar. Welcome to The Prince of Nothing Wiki The Second Apocalypse encyclopedia that anyone can edit. We are currently working on articles. Please note that. Hello. I just recently finished The Thousandfold Thought, the last book of R. Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series. The series was good, but.


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Thus, magic is viewed as sacrilegious by the Thousand Temples, and is condemned in the Inrithi nations. Sorcerous Schools arose in response to this pressure, creating powerful political and military forces apart from the religious order. prince of nothing

Rather, that ability is confined to the Few, a small subset of people. Additionally, the various Schools of magic only allow male prince of nothing, further dwindling the number of possible sorcerers.

Even so, those who choose to study magic are granted large amounts of power, balanced by a lack of religious acceptance and a vulnerability to chorae, small spherical antimagic prince of nothing. There are two main types of magic used in the northern Three Seas: While Gnostic magic is largely forgotten being the dominant art of the Prince of nothing North, destroyed during the First ApocalypseAnagogic magic is more widely studied among multiple schools.


Members of the Mandate undergo a ritual that allows them to relive Seswatha's prince of nothing each night as they prince of nothing, so that they never forget the horrors of the Apocalypse. The Quorum is the ruling body of the Mandate School, which is headed by Nautzera.

The Mangaecca, or the Consult as it was later knownis the School that first came in contact with the Inchoroi, leading them to adopt those beings' immoral ways, along with the powerful art of Tekne essentially genetic engineering.


It controls much of the politics of High Ainon, an eastern Ketyai nation. It also has prince of nothing to steal the secrets of Gnostic magic from the Mandate, using kidnapping and torture.


The Imperial Saik is a School indentured to the Emperor of Nansur, and serves the interests of the Nansur Empire, which has been most directly in conflict with the Kianene Prince of nothing. Cememketri is the Grandmaster of this school.

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The Mysunsai is the self-proclaimed "Mercenary School". Instead of serving some political power, it sells its services to any who will purchase its service.

Their magic is seemingly separate from the Gnostic and Anagogic types, as it cannot be perceived by the Few.

This seemingly indicates that the magic is in accord with the gods' or in the case of the Fanim, God's wishes, as sorcery is usually identified by prince of nothing harmful mark it makes upon Creation.

The Daimos is magic used to summon creatures from the Outside, such as the demonic Ciphrang, by binding those beings to the caster's soul.

Religion[ prince of nothing ] Religion plays an important part in the politics and daily life of residents of the Three Seas.

Prince of Nothing - Wikipedia

The Holy War, the driving force behind the plot of the Prince of Nothing series, is an explicitly religious conflict between the Inrithi and the Fanim, the two main religious orders of the region.

Analogous prince of nothing Christianity INRI is an acronym found on many crucifixeswhile "Sejenus" is an anagram of n e Jesus, phonetically Any Jesusthis religion is a mixture of polytheistic and monotheistic elements.

The polytheistic portion is derived from the ancient Cults, which are devoted each to a different god. The central text of Inrithism is the Tusk, an enormous carved tusk covered in the writings of the early prophets before the five tribes of men entered into Earwa.

Inri Prince of nothing provided a reinterpretation of the tusk, fusing the prince of nothing gods of the Cults into Aspects of one God.