Before getting ahead of ourselves, just what is management, let alone principles of management? A manager's primary challenge is to solve problems creatively. Theorist Henri Fayol published 14 Principles of Management in and also introduced 6 primary functions of management, which. One of the earliest scientists of management Henri Fayol has laid down 14 principles of Management. Let us introduce ourselves to concept of management.


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Prophet of Management Boston: Harvard Business School Press, Follett was an American social worker, principles of management, and author of books on democracy, human relations, and management. He is credited with the original planning-organizing-leading-controlling framework P-O-L-Cwhich, while undergoing very important changes in content, remains the dominant management framework in the world.

Fayol, General and Industrial Management Paris: When supervisors criticize and discipline staff too principles of management, staff begin to feel that supervisors are watching them only to catch them making a mistake.

They begin to withhold information. They do principles of management one way when supervisors are watching, and other ways when no one else is around. They begin to lose confidence, sometimes being reluctant to take initiative for fear of principles of management criticized. On the other hand, not responding to errors or poor performance may be like a slap in the face to the staff who are working very hard to meet expectations.

The key is to notice when staff do things correctly or well more often than when they do things poorly or wrong.

Principles of Management - Wikiversity

It is energizing and empowering for staff. Sometimes, complimenting staff for following a procedure well is all that is necessary to correct other staff who are not following the procedure.

A word of caution. Principles of management issuing praise or commendations, supervisors must be attentive to all staff. Nearly all staff think they are working hard and doing a good job, sometimes a better job than the staff member who has been praised or commended.

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You've got to spread it around. Highlight strengths, contributions, principles of management accomplishments in routine evaluations, not weaknesses I once had a job where in my first year I improved staff morale and stability, renovated the facility, got a grant for a new vehicle, and secured an additional source of funding.

In my first evaluation, my supervisor's assistant took up most of the meeting talking about two reports that I had submitted late. I did not leave the evaluation feeling very appreciated. A principles of management months later, I accepted another position at a slightly lower salary.


I like to use three sections for evaluations. Strengths the employee brings to the position. Accomplishments during the evaluation period.

14 Principles of Management by Henri Fayol | ToolsHero

Areas of focus for the next period. The first two make the employee feel recognized and appreciated. The Degree of Centralization - The amount of power wielded with the principles of management management depends on company size.


Centralization implies the concentration of decision making authority at the top management. The principle suggests that there should be a clear line of authority from top to bottom linking all managers at all levels.

Order - Social order ensures the fluid operation of a company through authoritative procedure. Material order principles of management safety and efficiency in the workplace.