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The aim of this paper is to develop algorithms for fast focused web crawler that can run safely. It will be achieved by using multi-threaded programming and distributed access via proxy servers. This paper will also show how to retrieve pairs of IP address and port of public proxy servers and how to crawl nicely.

Related works Focused web crawler plays an important role in information society. It is used to crawl social networks [1], to crawl forums [2], to crawl web pages in specific language [3], to browse offline, proxy list 2013 txt e-books mirror web site [5], to generate web site map [6], and to proxy list 2013 txt e-books Business Intelligence [7].

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Many people need it, and some people give the proxy list 2013 txt e-books for free [] and free to try []. To honour netiquette, focused web crawlers have to be improved. Improvement of focused web crawler has been done by improving its strategies. Several strategies used by focused web crawler in the last decade has been reviewed and compared [12].

In the recent years, some researchers optimized the precision of focused web crawling results by implementing Bayesian classification [], ontology [17], similarity [18], relevant topic [19], and Genetic Algorithm [34].

Proxy list 2013 txt e-books more precision of a crawler makes it less web page visited, less data transfer rate, and more polite. Since many of web pages implement dynamic content, the content which are displayed different from the HTML source code, a number of improvements has been developed [13, 20, 21, ] to overcome the problem.

One of the most important problems to overcome is to increase the speed of crawling politely. A multi-threaded crawler is proposed [22], which can speed up crawling, however it is detected as an impolite crawler if used to Harry T.


Other researchers developed distributed crawler []. On the other hand, implementing crawler distributed in WAN is costly. To overcome the above problem, this paper proposes a focused web crawler which implement multi-threading in programming and implement distributed system in WAN.

To lower the development cost, the system will use proxy list 2013 txt e-books available proxy server.

Database stanzas

Architecture Mining big data from a web site is very risky, because it should be fast enough to save time. But fast crawler tends to be banned, as mentioned above. Proxy list 2013 txt e-books concept proposed is to develop a distributed focused web crawler using publicly available proxy servers, as shown in Fig.

To make it cost effective, the crawler should implement multi- thread programming which uses only one computer to run many crawlers. The other benefits of implementing multi- threaded crawler are centralized controller and easier to maintain.

Architecture of distributed focused web crawler. Publicly available proxy servers There are thousands of publicly available proxy servers on the internet and there are many lists available.