«Quadripole» A two-port network is an electrical network or device with two pairs of passif m ELECTROTEC passive quadripole quadriréacteur») AERONAUT. DP, ELECTRoN passif passive* - aerial n PHYs parasitic élément passif m, quadripole n ELEC ENG quadripôle passif m; - satellite n SPACE satellite. magnétiques pour la conception des composants passifs des filtres CEM EMI filter for common mode and differential mode into a quadripole as shown in.


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Vincent, Didier (1959-....).

The reactor is provided when its input impedance is made equal to the impedance of the reactor feed line, this impedance is generally equal to 50 ohms, so as to cancel the reflected power quadripoles passifs the generator.

These measurements are made using a vector analyzer, to the generator frequency is generally This third technique can actually calculate the impedance Z of the discharge, incorporating the effect of all parasitic impedances, and does not need to assume the perfect tuning box that is quadripoles passifs say the absence of losses energy therein.

However, quadripoles passifs third prior art has drawbacks: In addition, vector analyzers are expensive devices and it is quadripoles passifs possible to leave permanently such vector analyzers in industrial reactors. The present invention aims to remedy the above drawbacks by proposing a method and a determination of the impedance device of a discharge in a plasma reactor which can be used with an industrial reactor, for determining the impedance discharge by incorporating the effect of all parasitic impedances, and without assuming the absence of energy losses in the tuning box, which do quadripoles passifs require immobilization of a vector analyzer from the reactor and above for determining the impedance Z of the real-time discharge, without disturbing the plasma.

Finally, particularly in the case of etching a semiconductor wafer, it is known that the impedance of the discharge can be mathematically related to the ion flux and the ion energy in the reactor continuously and the knowledge of the the impedance of the discharge allows to control a possible drift over time of the two parameters that constitute the stream and this energy parameters that are essential for burning.

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Specifically, the present invention firstly relates to a method for determining the impedance of a discharge in a high frequency plasma reactor associated with a tuning box having variable capacitors, characterized in that it comprises the following steps: Can further determine the ionic flux relative to the discharge in the reactor as a function of the high frequency voltage applied between the terminals of the reactor, the respective states of the variable capacitors and using a quadripoles passifs established correspondence between quadripoles passifs the one Apart from conditions that may be taken by the variable capacitors and on the other hand the impedance of the discharge.

More specifically, determining the ion flux from the impedance of the discharge by connecting the latter by a suitable discharge model, the sheath and the discharge plasma.

Knowledge of the impedance of the sheath of the discharge and the voltage applied between the terminals of the reactor is then used to determine ion flux.

The present invention also relates to a determination of the impedance of a discharge device in a high frequency plasma reactor associated with a tuning box having variable capacitors, characterized in that it comprises: The electronic processing means may be provided to determine the ionic flux relative to the discharge in the reactor by means quadripoles passifs the high frequency voltage applied between the terminals of the reactor, the signals supplied by the sensors and using a correspondence previously established between on the one hand states that can be taken quadripoles passifs the variable capacitors and on the other hand the impedance of the discharge, this correspondence being stored in the electronic processing means.

Key aspects of the present invention are: The device of the modification means may be motors and quadripoles passifs, potentiometric type sensors mounted respectively on the shafts of these motors.

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The invention quadripoles passifs be better understood from reading the following description of embodiments given purely for information and in no way restrictive, with reference to the accompanying drawings wherein: Figure 1 schematically shows a known control system for a plasma reactor 2 high frequency which is for example intended for etching semiconductor wafers.

The reactor 2 is supplied by a high frequency generator 4 this is for example a radio frequencyvia a tuning box 6. quadripoles passifs

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The system also comprises means 8 for automatic tuning that are provided quadripoles passifs permanently maintaining the optimum agreement between the generator and the reactor. The box agree 6 includes variable capacitors 10 and 12 whose -or Quadripoles passifs states are imposed respectively by motors 14 and 16 controlled by the automatic tuning means 8.

To this end, the automatic tuning means 8 using an inductive coupling 18 established between them and the line 20 coaxial- -usually a cable connecting the generator 4 to the box agree 6. Given the relative small volume about termsthe authors tried to reflect the most important terms in such areas as the cirquit theory, electric and magnetic measurements, ele ctric power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as the industrial and quadripoles passifs consumption of electric power.


The Dictionary also contains many terms relevant to high voltage technology, electrical machines and apparatus, electric quadripoles passifs, as well as to the elements and structures of aerial and cable transmission quadripoles passifs. Martin, Modified fresnel coefficients for huygens' sources in fdtd, Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal, vol.

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We will see in the When the higher approximation is calculated, it is found quadripoles passifs the transition probability