About The High Window. Crime fiction master Raymond Chandler's third novel featuring Philip Marlowe, the “quintessential urban private eye” (Los Angeles. Tapestry on the blank roughened stucco walls, iron grilles imitating balconies outside high side windows, heavy carved chairs with plush seats and tapestry. Start by marking “The High Window (Philip Marlowe, #3)” as Want to Read: Like all of Raymond Chandler’s novels, The High Window features private detective Philip Marlowe as first-person narrator reporting events unfolding as he attempts to crack a case in sun-soaked Los.


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I looked into the reception room. It was empty of everything but the smell of dust. Raymond chandler high window threw up another raymond chandler high window, unlocked the communicating door and went into the room beyond.

Three hard chairs and a swivel chair, flat desk with a glass top, five green filing cases, three of them full of nothing, a calendar and a framed license bond on the wall, a phone, a washbowl in a stained wood cupboard, a hatrack, a carpet that was just something on the floor, and two open windows with net curtains that puckered in and out like the lips of a toothless old man sleeping.

The High Window (Philip Marlowe, #3) by Raymond Chandler

The same stuff I had had last year, and the year before that. Not beautiful, not gay, but better than a tent on the beach. I hung my hat and coat on the hatrack, washed my face and hands in cold water, lit a cigarette and hoisted the raymond chandler high window book onto the desk.

I wrote that down and the phone number that went with it and had my hand on the instrument when I remembered raymond chandler high window I hadn't switched on the buzzer for the reception room.

I reached over the side of the desk and clicked it on and caught it right in stride.

Raymond Chandler. The High Window

Somebody had just opened the door of the outer office. I turned my pad face down on the desk and went over to see who it was.

It was a slim tall raymond chandler high window looking number in a tropical worsted suit of slate blue, black and white shoes, a dull ivory-colored shirt and a tie and display handkerchief the color of jacaranda bloom.

He was holding a long black cigarette-holder in a peeled back raymond chandler high window pigskin glove and he was wrinkling his nose at the dead magazines on the library table and the chairs and the rusty floor covering and the general air of not much money being made.

The High Window by Raymond Chandler

As I opened the communicating door he made a quarter turn and stared at me out of a pair of raymond chandler high window dreamy pale eyes set close to a narrow nose. His skin was sun-flushed, his reddish hair was brushed back hard over a narrow skull, and the thin line of his mustache was much redder than his hair.

He looked me over without haste and without much pleasure.


He blew some smoke delicately and spoke through it with a faint sneer. He sat down on the customer's side of the desk, took off the glove from his right hand and folded this with raymond chandler high window other already off and laid them on the desk.

The High Window

He tapped the cigarette end out of the long black holder, prodded the coal with a match until it stopped smoking, fitted another cigarette and lit it with a broad mahogany-colored match. He leaned back in his chair with the smile of a bored aristocrat.


You wouldn't like a cold towel on your head or anything? A shifty business, one gathers. Keyhole peeping, raking up scandal, that sort of thing. That probably means a little something to you.

The High Window - Wikipedia

He watched me fill the pipe. She has given you a check. I didn't say anything.


He leaned forward a little more and said earnestly: A little worm told me, a simple garaen worm, often trodden on, but still somehow surviving--like myself. I happened to be not far behind you. Does that help to clear things raymond chandler high window He fussed around in the chair, trying to get comfortable.