The Empire Fleet Datacron. Possible to solo now? I don't have it General Old Republic - Fleet Datacron. Despite encountering some difficulties, her group successfully reaches their goal. Check out Game Face: Finding the Republic Fleet Datacron. The Republic Fleet datacron is located roughly at X: 0, Y: 0 and is only available to Republic characters (Imperial players must make a Republic character to.


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There, you will notice a small opening in the wall that leads to a hidden grassy area. Follow this path south and then back east until you reach the Datacron location.

Pokket Says - Finding the Republic Fleet Datacron -

To get the next datacron, you will need the MGGS. It is located right off the very first quest republic fleet datacron you come out to while leveling through Coruscant and it is in such an obvious place that you practically trip over it while questing.

To get started republic fleet datacron to the Black Sun Territory at around the middle of the zone. The first thing you will want to jump on top of are the barrels back in the corner.

republic fleet datacron Then from the barrels republic fleet datacron the crate onto more barrels and then onto the side of the dumpster. From here you will want to jump across the small gap to the crate. Also, so you have a good idea of where you're going you can take a look to your east and see the Datacron in the distance.

Back to jumping, once you make it across to the crate follow more barrels up, onto the dumpster and then another crate, more barrels and then a large metal thingy.

Republic Fleet Datacron (no Group required), get it by yourself.

From up here you'll want to traverse the small little pipe and hop up onto the large platform that goes towards the Datacron. Towards the end of this platform you'll see three broken pipes, republic fleet datacron one is within jumping distance so obviously that's the one you'll want to be jumping too!

Hop down onto the railing, and immediately turn right and look straight down. You should spot a narrow railing republic fleet datacron to a larger one back around a corner right.

Republic Fleet Datacron Guide

Jump down and follow the path, turning right, then looking up and left for an alcove above with the inactive Magnetic Stabilizer. With everyone in position, have the first two players activate their switches at the same time.

The Magnetic Stabilizers will activate, and the second set of republic fleet datacron can republic fleet datacron their own buttons.

With all four players near four buttons, activate the second set of buttons at the same time. Jump back down onto the main rail and look up republic fleet datacron left at the large square structure.

A new Magnetic Stabilizer point is active!

Republic Fleet Datacrons

Republic fleet datacron everyone zip up to the tiny railing. It might get tricky, as this railing gets very crowded. Just as you reach the ledge, turn left. I could not even get the door open.

After placing the correlia crystal in the statue it gives me a message saying the power core is empty. Not sure what that means but maybe since I have it already and they are all legecy now then it won't let me I did notice that imp side is a little bugged, First of all it won't let you mount in the museum republic fleet datacron on republic fleet datacron side you can.


The path will split and republic fleet datacron the left is the bridge which you cannot go across yet. Straight ahead will be the bridge controls.

Map Here is the map I will be referencing throughout this post.

Datacron Locations | Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You'll notice there are 2 BC1s and 4 BC2s. The easiest way to do this republic fleet datacron to have 3 people at the only bridge controls you'll have access to while one person waits at the bridge. Each person will use one of the bridge controls, all at the same time.