Historia. Los primeros habitantes de la isla fueron los Taínos, caracterizados por y la República Dominicana, de lengua española, che cubre la parte oriental. No information is available for this page. Historia de la República Dominicana, Volume 2. Front Cover. Frank Moya Pons. Editorial CSIC - CSIC Press, - Dominican Republic - pages.


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By the middle of the century, the population was bolstered by emigration from the Republica dominicana historia Islandsresettling the northern part of the colony and planting tobacco in the Cibao Valleyand importation of slaves was renewed.

The colony of Republica dominicana historia Domingo saw a population increase during the 17th century, as it rose to about 91, in Of this number approximately 38, were white landowners, 38, were free mixed people of color, and some 15, were slaves.

In our veins runs the blood of the heroic conquistadores who won this island of ours with sword and republica dominicana historia.

When the War of Jenkins' Ear between Spain and Britain broke out inSpanish privateersparticularly from Santo Domingo, began to troll the Caribbean Sea, a development that lasted until the end of the eighteenth century.

During this period, Spanish privateers from Santo Domingo republica dominicana historia into enemy ports looking for ships to plunder, thus harming commerce with Britain and New Republica dominicana historia. As a result, the Spanish obtained stolen merchandise—foodstuffs, ships, enslaved persons—that were sold in Hispaniola's ports, with profits accruing to individual sea raiders.

These practices of human traffic and terror facilitated capital accumulation.

Historia en Republica Dominicana

The revenue acquired in these acts of piracy was invested in the economic expansion of republica dominicana historia colony and led to repopulation from Europe. Domingue offered the principal market for Santo Domingo's exports of beef, hides, mahogany, and tobacco.


With the outbreak of the Haitian Revolution inthe rich republica dominicana historia families linked to the colonial bureaucracy fled the island, while most of the rural hateros cattle ranchers remained, even though they lost republica dominicana historia principal market.

Although the population of Spanish Santo Domingo was perhaps one-fourth that of French Saint-Domingue, this did not prevent the Spanish king from launching an invasion of the French side of the island inattempting to take advantage of the chaos sparked by the French Revolution.

Although the Spanish military effort went well on Hispaniola, it did not so in Europe see War of the Pyrenees.

Dominican Republic - Wikipedia

As a consequence, Republica dominicana historia was forced to cede Santo Domingo to the French under the terms of the Treaty of Basel July 22, in order to get the French to withdraw from Spain. French rule French and British ships fighting at the battle of Santo Domingo InToussaint Louverturewho at least in theory republica dominicana historia imperial France, marched into Santo Domingo from Saint-Domingue to enforce the terms of the treaty.

Toussaint's army committed numerous atrocities; as a consequence, the Spanish population fled from Santo Domingo in exodus proportions.


French control of the former Spanish colony passed from Toussaint Louverture to Gen. Charles Leclerc when he seized the city of Santo Republica dominicana historia in early Following the defeat of the French under Gen.

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He invaded the Spanish side of the island, republica dominicana historia the French-led Spanish colonials at River Yaque del Sur, and besieged the capital on March 5, At the same time the Haitian General Christophe marched north through Cibao, capturing Santiago where he massacred prominent individuals who had sought refuge in a church.

The arrival of small French squadrons off the Haitian coast at Goncaives and at Santo Domingo forced the Haitians to withdraw.

As Christophe retreated across the island, he slaughtered and burned. The Spaniards not only tried to re-establish slavery in Santo Domingo, but many of them also republica dominicana historia raiding expeditions into Haiti to capture blacks and enslave them as well.

This period is also known as the Ephemeral independence.

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  • Historia de la Aviación en República Dominicana

In order to raise funds for the huge indemnity of million francs that Haiti agreed to pay the former French colonists, and which was subsequently lowered to 60 million francs, the Haitian government imposed heavy taxes on the Dominicans.

Since Haiti was unable to adequately provision its army, the occupying forces largely survived by commandeering or confiscating food and supplies at gunpoint.

Attempts to redistribute land conflicted with the system of communal land tenure terrenos comuneroswhich republica dominicana historia arisen with the ranching economy, and some people republica dominicana historia being forced to grow cash crops under Boyer and Joseph Balthazar Inginac 's Code Rural.

Dominican Republic

It was in the city of Santo Domingo that the effects of the occupation were most acutely felt, and it was there that the movement for independence originated.

Haiti's constitution forbade white elites from owning land, and Dominican major landowning families were forcibly deprived of republica dominicana historia properties. Many emigrated republica dominicana historia CubaPuerto Rico these two being Spanish possessions at the timeor Gran Colombiausually with the encouragement of Haitian officials who acquired their lands.