Rigveda Brahmanas by Arthur Berriedale Keith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Jump to Rigveda - The Brahmanas are a collection of ancient Indian texts with commentaries on the hymns of the four Vedas. They are a layer or category  ‎Discussion · ‎Mythology and rituals · ‎Speculations about · ‎List of Brahmanas. Of the Brahmanas handed down by the followers of the Rigveda, two have been preserved, the Aitareya Brahmana and the Kaushitaki (or Shankhayana).


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Rigveda Brahmanas: the Aitareya and Kausītaki Brāhmanas of the Rigveda

He did not create it out of his mind. He was the seer of thought that existed already. He rig veda brahmanas only the spiritual discoverer of the thought.

rig veda brahmanas He is not the inventor of the Veda. The Rishi is only a medium or an agent to transmit to people the intuitional experiences that he received. The truths of the Vedas are revelations.

All the other religions of the world rig veda brahmanas their authority as being delivered by special messengers of God to certain persons, but the Vedas do not owe their authority to any one.

Brahman -

They are themselves the authority as they are eternal, as they are the Knowledge of the Lord. Lord Brahma, the Creator, imparted the divine knowledge to the Rishis or Rig veda brahmanas.


The Rishis disseminated the knowledge. The Vedic Rishis were great realised persons who had direct intuitive perception of Brahman or the Truth. They rig veda brahmanas inspired writers.

They built a simple, grand and perfect system of religion and philosophy from which rig veda brahmanas founders and teachers of all other religions have drawn their inspiration. The Vedas are the oldest books in the library of man.


rig veda brahmanas Brahma turns into a swan to go to the top, and Vishnu turns into a boar to go to the bottom. Brahma lies that he went to the top, presenting a Ketaki flower that arose from the middle of the pillar and claiming it's rig veda brahmanas the top.

Brahmana can also refer to the utterance of a priest, or Brahman. More commonly, it is used to refer to the explanation and meaning of a sacred word.

Kauṣītaki-brāhmaṇa Engl - Google книги

Elements more closely connected with domestic ritual are introduced here. Finally, to the Atharvaveda belongs the comparatively late Gopatha Brahmana.

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  • Rigveda Brahmanas: the Aitareya and Kausītaki Brāhmanas of the Rigveda,

Brahmanas also lack a homogeneous structure across the different Vedas, with some containing sections rig veda brahmanas are Aranyakas or Upanishads in their own right.

As with the whole of Vedic literature, no dating more precise than within a few centuries is possible.

Rigveda Brahmanas : Arthur Berriedale Keith :

The Brahmanas as a whole are generally placed in the first half of rig veda brahmanas 1st millennium BCE, with the oldest parts perhaps dating to about BCE, and the youngest Brahmanas such as the Shatapatha Rig veda brahmanasmay date to the 7th or 6th century BCE.

It is a collection of hymns. Samveda — it is a collection of songs, which are mostly taken from Rig Veda. Yajurveda — It is a collection of sacrificial formulae.