Roberto Giobbi's writing and teaching is wonderful. It is well worth the price. The guy at the magic shop did right by you. He could have sold you. Die Roberto-Light Trilogie – Die drei Bücher als E-Book zum Super-Set-Preis. € Add to basket Roberto Giobbi's Introduction to Card Magic. € Add to. Roberto Giobbi is the guy to learn card magic from. He is a scholar, lecturer, and performer, and with is Card College brand of books and videos, he has created.


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Let's not forget Erdnase whoever he was and Marlo and all the other roberto giobbi in magic upon whose shoulders we stand. Card College curates that material for you.


My advice is to continue to work through the Card College Series. Many of the techniques reflect refinements and improvements. The roberto giobbi theory is wonderful.

Alex Elmsley is a highly roberto giobbi amateur who came up with some truly original and brilliant ideas, some roberto giobbi which improved existing effects, others which were novelties from the ground up.

Giobbi considers him one of the most important and influential card magicians of the twentieth century.

Favorites by Roberto Giobbi - DVD

It's a nice idea, but technically very demanding, and takes up a good half hour of roberto giobbi time.

I especially loved the second trick, "Double Roberto giobbi, which is very clever, and has the novel idea of using two Aces like chop sticks to handle a selection. This generated looks of obvious amazement from the spectators in the performance video.

The "nd Aces" trick offers a lovely handling of a four Ace routine, and one of its strengths is that the spectator has a genuine choice in which pile the four Aces roberto giobbi up travelling to.

But as Mr Giobbi points out, in doing so he was often standing on the shoulders of the giants who preceded him, heavily borrowing from their work, and without always providing the kind of carefully documented attribution that we expect from creators of roberto giobbi today.

The Frank Garcia tricks Giobbi selected are not as strong as the ones chosen from Vernon and Elmsley, although in the right context they certainly will leave spectators gobsmacked.

The first of these, "A Lady Up My Sleeve", takes its cue from the well-known expression "I roberto giobbi an Ace up My Sleeve", and is presented as an exercise of the Aces magically and impossibly appearing wherever the magician states they will - naturally this includes the magician's sleeve.

The final trick of this trilogy is "A Surprise Package", which is a remarkable effect involving a sandwiched signed card that impossibly travels from between one set of queens to another. Giobbi notes that he's personally not that fond of sandwich effects, but this is his own favourite in the genre, and he's seen it generate many strong reactions in performing it many times.

Magic Tricks

Perhaps part roberto giobbi this can be attributed to having too high expectations, given his respected credentials.

And to be fair, Giobbi isn't performing in his native language. He's more than competent with English mind you, and is probably more articulate in English than most roberto giobbi us! So this never becomes a barrier for the listener, although undoubtedly he would be even more at home in his native tongue.


But given that this was billed as "Favorites", I was expecting the tricks themselves to be a collection of super strong magic, while in reality not everything roberto giobbi the kind of material that I'd consider mind-blowing - although they roberto giobbi certainly all very solid, and the effects included are high class.

But now comes a disclaimer - because you must bear in roberto giobbi that the above paragraph merely reflects my initial impression, and my somewhat luke-warm assessment soon changed after watching the explanations!

Roberto Giobbi magic - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

One of Giobbi's real strength is his outstanding ability as a teacher and a scholar. Not only are his explanations are clear, roberto giobbi more importantly he is a real roberto giobbi.

He himself states at the outset that the selection of his material has been deliberately geared towards creating a discussion about important aspects of card magic. Roberto giobbi it's essential that these videos not be judged by the performances alone - although these are by no means weak or flawed.