List of Rotted Capes actual play podcast episodes. After a zombie plague decimates the population, the survivors live in a world of super-powered dead. Henry Lopez is raising funds for Rotted Capes: Survivor's Guide, vol. I on Kickstarter! A Rotted Capes supplement with lots of new powers. Electronic format fans, we have you covered! The PDF version of Rotted Capes Core Rulebook is now available for purchase. On sale now in.


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Rotted Capes: Whats your experience and impressions about it?

The Rotted Capes Survivor's Guide The book starts out as a 32 page product, but should we reach our first Stretch Goal, we'll add additional material bringing up to about 48 pages. Z'd means that your former allies, partners and mentors have been horribly mutated and turned into super powered versions of the Risen Dead.

This has propelled them to the top of the new food chain and they're looking rotted capes at you! These Super Zombies would be dangerous enough with just being able to wield their amazing powers, but the change has allowed them to keep a semblance of their intellect, albeit scrubbed of the ability to distinguish between right and rotted capes.

These Super Zombies are cunning and intelligent; with an overwhelming hunger that impels them to commit foul acts that would leave their former selves aghast. Whether you rotted capes the dark and gritty feel of the Walking Dead, a more tongue in cheek tone or something in between, Rotted Capes gives you rotted capes tools necessary to present the game that you and your players want.


World of the Shattered Empires RPG, Rotted Capes is a fast and furious game that allows you to simulate most any action seen in the comics while also introducing a unique player interaction mechanism called Plot Points.

Added to those who pledged B-Lister level or higher. A 32 page adventure for Rotted Capes rotted capes electronic format. This adventure will either be a stand alone or, should Adventures 2 and 3 be funded, will be linked rotted capes form a trilogy of adventures that can be used as a mini-campaign.

To be clear, Adventure 1 is different from the "first Rotted Capes" adventure already described in the reward levels.

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This adventure will either be a stand alone or, should Adventure 3 be funded, will be linked to form a trilogy of adventures that can rotted capes used as a mini-campaign. Once funded, this adventure will be linked to Adventures 1 and 2 to form a trilogy of adventures that rotted capes be used as a mini-campaign.

Rotted Capes - Fandible Actual Play Podcast

If we go higher, there's still more to come including T-Shirts, a Rotted Capes comic book and something that I personally would love to see rotted capes Rotted Capes anthology.

Spread the word and please help us reach these Stretch Goals! As always, your support is greatly appreciated! Questions about this project? I'm picturing someone travelling to various nations' airports and of course they're detected as being known terrorists so are held only to have them reveal the bomb rotted capes carried in their luggage was just a diversion to hide the fact they were actually carrying the virus and effected rotted capes on the flight and the airport simply because the authorities have been fooled as to the nature of the attack.

Rotted Capes: The Super Hero Zombie RPG by Henry Lopez — Kickstarter

So we have this open up with an attack on the airport as these dupes use their abilities to hold off their rotted capes turn into powered zombies knowing they need to feed on blood to maintain themselves with a few magically powered or super intelligent people realising they need to feed off people to stay alive.

As far as anyone else is concerned it rotted capes an epidemic is causing the end of civilisation and effects the superhumans both good and bad who end up turning rotted capes the populace regardless of their original intent forcing the survivors to seek safety and shelter from the horrors being waged in their own countries let alone abroad!

Not too many or overpowered superhumans since that would doom any attempt at turning this into a campaign, maybe reveal there's hope but how far do you go with this?