Editorial Reviews. Review. “A wildly addicting read. You'll love Rule, the man and the book! ” (Cora Carmack, New York Times bestselling author of LOSING IT). The story is about Rule and Shaw who were about as polar opposite as you could possibly get. He was a hot headed, rebellious, man-whoring. Rule (Marked Men #1) is a Young Adult novel by Jay Crownover. Now, Shaw and Rule have to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like.


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Shaw also has the unfortunate luck of having parents who ignore her and only seek her out when making their demands. Shaw is pretty tired of trying to please everyone and simply wants to live her life for her.

Little Red's Reviews: Rule (Marked Men #1) by Jay Crownover

She also wants one thing that is just for her - Rule Archer. Won't that make me just like all the rest of them? You're the only one I've ever wanted to give it to.

Both Shaw and Rule are in conflict with themselves and are rule a marked man novel. Rule is too scared to let anyone in and is essentially boozing it up and sleeping around to get through life so that he can continually feel numb rather than deal with the grief over losing his twin brother and a mother who blames him for the accident.

Shaw is struggling to break free from the control her parents have over her life which in turn forces her to be someone that she is not. She is also trying to deal with a psycho ex-boyfriend rule a marked man novel is unable to see that their brief relationship has ended.

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Shaw wants to simply be rule a marked man novel and does not see how she will ever be able to simply be. Everyone she rule a marked man novel loved and tried to please has thrown it all back in her face, Rule included. Let me tell you, it's a bumpy ride but so worth it in the end!

You have it in your hands and I promise you're the first and the last person to ever touch it. You need to be careful with it because it's far more fragile than I ever thought and if you try and give it back I'm not taking it.

Rule (Marked Men #1) read online free by Jay Crownover

It's just always been you. It is about two individuals who learn to truly be themselves and in turn find happiness and love in each other. Their personal growth, how they learn to let go and forgive truly made for a powerful and heart-warming story. Shaw and Rule both endure a lot to get their HEA.


I became so invested in them individually and together. I so desperately wanted to see Rule overcome his demons and allow himself to truly be loved.

Rule (Marked Men, #1) by Jay Crownover

I also wanted to see Shaw rise above all the turmoil and go after the only thing she had ever wanted. Jay Crownover did a spectacular job in grabbing hold of me and not only keeping me enthralled with Rule and Shaw but with all the other amazing rule a marked man novel characters she created.

I loved every second of it!


I know that the author has received some flack for some editing issues such as misspelled words, etc. With this being said, I hardly noticed anything.

I was so wrapped up in the storyline that any issues with the editing did not phase me.