Rusty Cooley (born April 27, ) is an American guitarist from Houston, Texas, United States, known for his highly refined guitar technique. He is regarded as  ‎Solo work · ‎Track listing · ‎Currently · ‎Releases. Rusty Cooley, The Woodlands, Texas. 62K likes. Rusty Cooley Official! Solo Artist Guitarist @ Day Of Reckoning GTR Teacher Private +Skype instructional. Guitar Lesson. The internet and paper based worlds are full of tab but most players need help with picking.


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Do you consider yourself to be a naturally self disciplined person?

Rusty Cooley

You already said that you sustained the motivation to practice guitar because you had the burning desire to become a great guitarist, but how did self discipline tie into that?

I don't really know where the discipline comes from. When I started playing guitar, it was like somebody flipped the switch on rusty cooley I just immersed myself in it. I took every word to heart and did it.

It turned into other areas of my life as well. I am very much into weight training and the discipline from guitar just overlapped rusty cooley into that, so I think anything you want to accomplish you can achieve with that rusty cooley of mindset and discipline.

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When you practice guitar, what do you think are the top things that one absolutely must do in order to make the maximum progress possible from their guitar practice time? Know what you are trying to attain.

Rusty cooley you can practice aimlessly and get nowhere. Practice things on guitar that are the most important to you right now. Here rusty cooley an example: I personally think this is a waste of time.


I would rather a student, at the beginning of learning the modes, really practice them in one key and try to obtain fretboard visualization and true mastery of that key.

Because if you really obtain fretboard visualization in any one key, then when you transfer that rusty cooley other keys, it is going to rusty cooley a mirror picture.


If you work on one key in certain areas of the fretboard and then work on another rusty cooley in another area of the fretboard, then you rusty cooley going to have many gaps in your guitar playing.

I think if you are metal guitar player you could spend your time more wisely than practicing guitar in all 12 keys. The way I developed my ability to play guitar in all 12 keys is kind of funny: I forced myself to write songs in other keys and then as I wrote in those keys, it forced me to develop my visualization in those keys.

It was only slowing me down from being more productive in other areas. Practice guitar with a goal in mind and eliminate the other things around you.

Be very, very focused. Did you ever have moments when you doubted your potential to reach your guitar playing goals?

Rusty Cooley | Equipboard®

That was always my mindset. I welcome other great guitar players because I want to learn from them. It just makes me work harder and realize that there are more things to learn. So, to answer the question: If I decided tomorrow to be a jazz fingerstyle guitar rusty cooley, it would just be a matter of time and rusty cooley to the goal.


I think anybody can attain anything they want musically if they are willing rusty cooley give up the time and put in the work. What were the practicing approaches that you used in the past or that you rusty cooley now to develop musical creativity and how do you practice to keep expanding on this skill?

Musical creativity comes through experimentation.

Rusty Cooley

Learning one chord or one new scale and just seeing the way you can get ideas out rusty cooley it and expand on it. I think one thing that helps me to be more creative easily is my knowledge of the guitar fretboard.

The better you can see where all the notes rusty cooley on the fretboard, the easier it is to pick out and find what you are looking for. Rusty cooley my knowledge of music theory and fretboard visualization allows creativity to be much simpler and that helps me a lot.