87, loo, n, ,, ,, ,, Saddharma-ratnavali, Saddhavlmala, Sagara, saguna-brahma, 38 Sahasrabhuja-Avalokitesvara. Ratnavali is a Sanskrit drama about a beautiful princess named Ratnavali, and a great king named Udayana. It is attributed to the Indian emperor Harsha  Written by‎: ‎Harsha. This is a translation of the first fifteen stories of the thirteenth century Sinhala work, the Saddharma Ratnavaliya written by the Monk Dharmasena.


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  • සද්ධර්ම රත්නාවලිය (Saddharma Rathnawaliya)
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  • Jewels of the Doctrine – Stories of the Saddharma Ratnavaliya

This approach involves questions saddharma ratnavali aim and methodology. A deeper understanding of a symbol is gained by studying the grid or net formed by its symbolic homologues. The pattern of meaning that emerges from the juxtaposition of cognate symbols does not exhaust the significance of the symbol, which is ultimately beyond worlds, but it reinforces its intimations, indicating a logical cohesion and integrity which in itself is an intimation of the all-pervasiveness of Saddharma ratnavali.

It is precisely this pattern of inter-reflection or symbols that this study attempts to delineate. By this time, news of the shipwreck and the loss of Princess Ratnavali has reached Kaushambi.

The minister immediately recognizes that the girl rescued from the sea and suffering from amnesia is almost certainly the princess.

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He saddharma ratnavali sees the situation as an opportunity to reconcile Vasavadatta to the idea of receiving a co-wife. He gives the rescued girl saddharma ratnavali new name, "Sagarika," "Ocean-lady"takes her to the queen and asks her to keep the homeless waif as a maid.

The queen agrees, and "Sagarika" becomes Vasavadatta's maid. Once, in the cupid festival, Sagarika sees Udayana and instantly falls in love with him. Sagarika saddharma ratnavali in a grove and keeps herself occupied in drawing Udayana's picture and fantasizing about him. Her shrewd friend Susangatha finds her, takes the picture into her hands and draws the picture of Saddharma ratnavali by the side of the king.

Saddharma Rathnawaliya -

Sagarika confesses her love to Susangatha and a bird Sarika hears the conversation. Suddenly, saddharma ratnavali is a panic in the grove because of an escaped saddharma ratnavali and the maidens run away from there. After a while, the Udayana and his jester enter the grove and hear the bird Sarika reproduce the ladies' conversation.

They find the picture Sagarika and Susangatha have drawn, and Udayana finds it alluring. By this time, the two maidens return and overhear the conversation of the king and his jester, and saddharma ratnavali that Udayana is interested in Sagarika.

Susangatha then makes a saddharma ratnavali to bring Udayana and Sagarika together, but Vasavadatta Udayana's first wife also finds the picture when walking in the grove.


Susangatha's plan is destroyed by the angry Vasavadatta and she leaves the grove without accepting Udayana's words of appeasement. In the third act, the jester and Susangata hatch a plan to make Udayana and Sagarika meet.

Sagarika disguises herself as Vasavadatta, and Susangata as her maid. They go to meet Udayana, who has been told of the plan and is expecting Sagarika to come in Vasavadatta's disguise.

But the real Vasavadatta comes to know of this plan and also sets off to meet Udayana. Vasavadatta reaches him first, but Udayana mistakes her for Saddharma ratnavali and declares that he loves her.

Vasavadatta is very angry at Udayana for the second time, and reproaches him and walks away. Sagarika comes to know that their plan is foiled again, and ties a noose to her neck wanting to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Udayana is frantically searching for saddharma ratnavali real Vasavadatta, and finds Sagarika about to die.