Kabir was a 15th-century Indian mystic poet, Sufi and saint, whose writings influenced basic . These include songs and couplets, called variously dohe, śalokā (Sanskrit: ślokā), or sākhī (Sanskrit: sākşī). . McLeod places Nanak in the Sant tradition that included Kabir, and states that their fundamental doctrines were  ‎Kabir panth · ‎Kabir Project · ‎Ramananda · ‎Bhakti movement. Kabir ke Dohe: Famous sayings from a mystic-poet. Kabir, or Sant Kabir as he was known, has inspired generations of people with his now. Kaal kare so aaj kar It wasn't just a random saying your mum used to get you to fold the laundry after you said, "In 10 minutes, Ma.".


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Meaning in English This is sarcasm on people who follow religion blindly. Kabir says, you spent your life turning the beads of rosary, but could not turn your own heart.

Leave the rosary and try and change the evil in your heart. He says, sant kabir dohe teacher and God are both in front of me, who will I greet first.

Meaning in English Kabir says people worship idols made from stone.


If it was possible to reach God this way, he would worship a Hill. Instead, noone worships home flour mill chakki which gives us the flour to eat. Meaning in English Kabir says that you should not oppress somebody weak thinking that person sant kabir dohe do you any harm.

Too much talking is not good, neither is too much quietness.


Just like how too much rain is sant kabir dohe good and neither is too much sunshine. Meaning in English Sant Kabir das says that speech is like a priceless jewel. So, when someone speaks, one must think many times and then speak.

Ae Tan Din Aise Gaye | Kabir Ke Dohe | Sant Kabir Amritwani

Many recent scholars have argued that he simply rejected Islam and took almost all his ideas and beliefs from the Hindu tradition. Contemporary Kabir Panth sadhus makes roughly the same argument. Most of the vocabulary used in his songs and verses sant kabir dohe borrowed directly from the Hindu tradition.

Nonetheless it is hard not to see the influence of Islam in his insistence on devotion to a single God, a god Kabir most often calls Ram".

How can they kill the mother, whose milk they drink like that of a wet nurse? The young and the old drink milk pudding, but these fools eat the cow's body. These morons know nothing, sant kabir dohe wander about in ignorance, Without looking into one's heart, how can one reach paradise?

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  • Kabir ke Dohe with meaning in Hindi and English

He stated, for example, Saints I see the world is mad. If I tell the truth they rush to beat me, if I lie they trust me.

Kabir ke Dohe with meaning in Hindi and English

He called the slanderer a friend, expressed gratefulness for the slander, for it brought him closer to his god. The ideological messages in the legends appealed to the poor and oppressed. According to David Lorenzen, legends about Kabir reflect a sant kabir dohe against social discrimination and economic exploitation", they present the perspective of the poor and powerless, not the rich and powerful.

Songs of Kabir were collected sant kabir dohe Kshitimohan Sen from mendicants across India, these were then translated to English by Rabindranath Tagore.


This community was founded centuries after Kabir died, in various parts of India, over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

One of them is sant kabir dohe by Hinduswhile the other by Muslims. Both the temples practise similar forms of worship where his songs are sung daily.