8 Sword Art Online Volume 09 - Alicization Beginning · 9 Sword Art Online Volume 10 - Alicization Running · 10 Sword Art Online Volume Sword Art Online Volume 11 - Alicization TurningHere is a pdf version of this translation by Tap. Made for convenience. Sorry, front and back. Sword Art Online 11 - Alicization Turning - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), the entryway, Raios spoke with his sword aloft, at a volume he could hear.


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Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 11

See you next time! Because I'm making all kinds of assumptions and theories and it's going to be a while until next volume, I guess!

Sword Art Online, as a whole, was pretty disturbing. The whole concept behind it was disturbing.

Sword Art Online Volume 11 – Alicization Turning | My Favorites [[arceus]]

Reading it was disturbing. Watching it was disturbing. But this arc is takin Buckle in kiddies, you're in for a sao volume 11 ride in this volume of Sword Art Online! But this arc is taking all of that to a new level. Sure there's no 'you die in the game you sao volume 11 in real life' but that doesn't make this arc any less In this volume we learn a whole tonne more about the world that's been created, how it changed and grew and became what it is when Kirito found himself in it, and we get some more information on Rath.

While eating lunch they asked for their help, explaining that Humbert had been requesting strange things from Frenica Szeskihis valet and Ronye and Tiese's friend, to the point of making her cry all night long. Part 3 Edit Eugeo decided to take action since he felt that it was his fault for fighting Humbert, and with Kirito, they visited Humbert and Raios' room to talk to them where they played dumb and acted as if they had not done anything bad.

The next day Tiese entered Eugeo's room after she finished the cleaning and told him about her dad's intention of allowing her to enter the Swordmanship Academy to raise her family status and asked Eugeo to marry her if he did not win the Four Empires Tournament, to which Eugeo agreed.

Sword Art Online, Vol. Alicization Turning by Reki Kawahara

Part 4 Edit The next day, while Kirito and Eugeo were in their room cleaning their swords, they noticed that Tiese and Ronye had yet to arrive as they normally do. Kirito decided to hurry to the trainee dorms by rushing out the window, and had Eugeo wait in the room in case they show up.

sao volume 11


After waiting for some time, Humbert's valet, whom he had humiliated before, came to Eugeo's room. She thanked and apologized to him, telling him that Tiese and Ronie had headed to Humbert and Raios' room earlier that day.

Eugeo asked Frenica to stay there in case Kirito returned, and hurried to Humbert and Raios' sao volume 11.

He realized he had taken his sword, but decided there was no time to go back and sao volume 11 it. Upon arriving, he was greeted by Raios and Humbert who seemed drunk. It was not long before they revealed Tiese and Ronye to him, tied and bound in their bed. As it turned out, they knew Frenica was friends sao volume 11 Tiese and Ronye, so they expected Frenica to cry to her friends, and them in turn to tell Kirito and Eugeo about her ordeal.

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 11 | Sword Art Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As they expected, after Kirito and Eugeo's confrontation with Humbert sao volume 11 no effect, Tiese and Ronye went to confront them and lost their composure.

This was what they wanted, so that they could use their rights as upper Nobles to punish the lower nobles, to apply punishment through raping them. They waited for Eugeo to arrive, so that he sao volume 11 watch in horror.

Eugeo fought with his conscience and his inability to go against the Taboo Index, while the pain in his right eye increased as he watched the elites' actions. With Tiese's last scream before they were just about to commit the deed, Eugeo finally built up the willpower to go against the rules and swung his sword at the two.

Raios was fast enough to move out of the way, but Humbert's left arm was severed.