BPC EPM Functions - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. BPC, SAP, EPM. It is using an EPM function to produce the list of members, filtering on a flag The Integrity of Data Entered into SAP BPC via Input Schedules. HELLO, I want to create a report in SAP BPC using excel. I have 4 type of activities in in Dimensions Type of activity: 1 - 2 - 3 and 4. And each.


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EPMUser Retrieves the login for the specified connection.

EPMAxisOverride Overrides one or more dimensions and their members for a specified axis row or column axis. Other option to create report using Excel Add-in is by adding dimensions to Row axis and Column axis.

You can also create reports by simply typing dimension member in the report area. BPC Excel add-in identifies the member and display sap bpc epm functions.

It degrades the performance if you are querying using ODBO connection.

Frequently use EPM Functions | Guo'z Space

Click on Add new button. You have to enter the sap bpc epm functions credentials that you use to login BPC Excel client. Select the AppSet and Finish the wizard. Select the cube from the dropdown list that contains the data you have to use and select the data source name.

Once sap bpc epm functions click ok, it will open the Report Manager output, which can be used to design the report output.

SAP BPC Quick Guide

There are various features in the Dashboard designer that can be used to create interactive dashboard, which can be used by decision makers. There are various calculations that can be performed. Dimension Logic Dimension logic sap bpc epm functions used to apply calculations and formulas on the dimensions.

Calculations are performed as per the dimension formula at retrieval time. It is important to use the dimension formulas correctly as they can affect the system performance if used incorrectly.

Dimension formulas should sap bpc epm functions applied only on the members for which calculations are required after the aggregation.


Dimension formulas should be used only for those ratios which has to be calculated at both the levels - Base and Parent Level. Common Dimension member formulas are used to perform calculations - costs per unit, growth rates, etc.

How to Define Dimension Logic? You should be familiar with Multi Dimension Expression language to create complex Dimension formulas. You should also define the length of field and it should be more than 60 characters.

Higher field lengths are preferred as any length greater than 60 is stored sap bpc epm functions string in SAP NetWeaver.

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Using this dropdown list, you can directly select another connection or you can select the command Select Another Connection, then select another connection in the Connection Manager that opens.

Note For technical reasons, the functions that are not supported on a specific data source are not greyed out or hidden in the EPMFunctions category. All the functions are available sap bpc epm functions selection, regardless of the data source.

TechnicalCategory category is only used internally and must not be used by other users.