Futurist Brian David Johnson's biweekly podcast about science fiction prototyping. What is science fiction protoyping? It's fiction based on fact used to prototype. Science Fiction Prototyping is one creative narrative technique which has received a significant degree of attention in the commercial sector. In ordinary use. Science Fiction Prototyping: Flexible Settings in. Immersive Environments. Johanna Pirker1, Patrick Weghofer1 and Christian Gütl1,2. 1 Institute for Information.


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Naam discusses his hit science fiction novel Nexus, the explored brain to brain interfaces.


He attended the Autodesk IDEAS event, a gathering of scientists, astronauts, engineers, and science fiction authors whot explore how science fiction prototyping can shape the future.

Young Minds and the Future Brian David Johnson comes to us from Arizona at the International Science and Engineering Fair, the world's largest international pre-college science competition. He tells us about being backstage with NASA's Science fiction prototyping Stelzner steltzner science fiction prototyping announces a new science fiction prototype fiction competition called, "The Future: Powered by Fiction," calling for young minds ages 13 to 25 to submit stories, comics, videos and essays that explore their possible futures.

Secret Science Fiction Explore the world of secret science fiction, the science fiction stories you will never be allowed to read. In this science fiction prototyping, Brian David Johnson dives deeper into this world in an extended conversation with Ari Popper, founder and CEO of SciFutures, a company that uses science fiction to explore innovation for Fortune companies.


Listen and learn more about confidential science fiction prototypes that will never see the light of day. Go Boldly In this podcast, Johnson comes to us from San Francisco, California, and science fiction prototyping us an excerpt from the first Science Fiction Prototyping column from the January issue of Computer magazine.

Computer magazine, the IEEE Computer Society's flagship publication, covers all aspects of computer science, computer engineering, computing technology, and applications.

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing covers computer history with scholarly articles by leading computer scientists and historians, as well as first-hand accounts.

Cloud Computing magazine is committed to the timely publication science fiction prototyping peer-reviewed articles that provide innovative research ideas, applications results, and case studies in all areas of cloud computing. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics, from specific algorithms to full system implementations.

science fiction prototyping

IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine covers the theory and application of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently.

IEEE Internet Computing science fiction prototyping a crossroads for researchers and industry developers, providing journal-quality exploration and review of emerging and maturing Internet technologies and applications.

Science Fiction Prototyping Podcast - IEEECS

IT Professional magazine examines emerging technologies, security issues, data management techniques, and systems integration challenges and how science fiction prototyping affect the enterprise. IEEE MultiMedia magazine serves readers who are interested in harmoniously using multiple media types to create new experiences.

The most obvious is for product innovationin which the two science fiction prototyping examples are Intel's 21st Century Robot an open innovation project to develop a domestic robot and Essex University's eDesk a mixed-reality immersive education desk [14] both of which were introduced in the previous section.

Beyond product innovation, science fiction prototyping finds itself being applied to many diverse areas.

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For example, at the University of Washington USA they have used it science fiction prototyping facilitate broader contextual and societal thinking about computers, computer security risks, and security defense as part of an optional senior-level course in computer security.

An earlier variation called Futurcasting science fiction prototyping used by government to provide a tool to influence the direction of society and politics. It did this by using stories about possible futures as a medium to engage the population in conversations about futures they would like to encourage or avoid.

Science Fiction Prototyping is also being used in business environments.

Science fiction prototyping - Wikipedia

For example, in Canterbury Christ Church University UK Business School it science fiction prototyping being used as a vehicle to introduce creative thinking in support of entrepreneurship courses. In the National Taiwan University Taiwanit is used to increase business school students' interests in science and technology for business innovation.


Further afield, in Chinathey have identified a novel use for the methodology to address the mandatory requirement for all science and engineering students to take a course in English language.

In particular Shijiazhuang University China are exploring the potential science fiction prototyping Science Fiction Prototyping to overcome the dullness that some science students experience in language learning by using it as an integrated science fiction prototyping for teaching Computer English, combining language and science learning.