Secret Invasion: The Complete Event. While in the grips of paranoia, Earth's mightiest heroes have to band together to fight off an armada of Skrull ships carrying. Complete reading order timeline for the events of Marvel's Secret Invasion. Who can you trust? Me. And this guide. Captain Marvel will introduce the Skrulls into the MCU - and it looks set to kick off the Secret Invasion as the shapeshifters claim Earth as theirs!


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He encountered Devil-Slayer on the way to the base, who secret invasion that he had sensed portents of doom all day.

Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis

When he met the final team member Magnitudethe secret invasion Delroy obtained from the original 3-D Man allowed him to identify Magnitude as a Skrull impostor. Devil Slayer used his Shadow Cloak to teleport Delroy to Camp Hammond, where he announced to everyone secret invasion that the Initiative had been infiltrated by Skrulls.

Crusader fearing that he would be exposed as secret invasion Skrull used the Freedom Ring. This caused 3-D Man's goggles to secret invasion him see everyone surrounding him as a Skrull. Crusader told Delroy Garrett to take his leave.

Secret invasion, Delroy's Quinjet was affected by the same computer virus and it crashed in New Mexico. Agent Abigail Brand of S. A Skrull guard and a youngster found and pointed a gun secret invasion her. The Sentry was up in orbit, still being tormented by the false words of the Skrull Void impostor and refusing to help.

Captain Marvel Movie Begins The MCU Secret Invasion | ScreenRant

Marvel, after being heavily blasted by a group of Skrull soldiers ended up rising in the middle of Fury and his group in Times Square as they fought, shocked by the return of secret invasion ex-S. As they quickly headed into the fray, Yo-Yothe team's mutant speedster, managed to rescue all the downed Young Avengers and Initiative cadets before further execution and casualties.

Marvel proceeded secret invasion help, but soon after was shot by Fury, whom was unconvinced she was the real Carol Danvers. After being shot back into another street, the Skrull onlookers quickly overran her, with the Skrull Henry Pym looking down at her with a smirk on his face.

Fury then called his men to retreat so that they could plan their next move.


Back in the Savage Land, Spider-Woman continued to persuade Tony into believing he was a Skrull sleeper agent named Kl'Riki Dulu, and that she would find a way to turn him back to his original form and praised him as the greatest Skrull Warrior to ever live. Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow was revealed to be watching the conversation, and proceeded to enter and shoot Spider-Woman.

She was temporarily distracted by the Beast and Phoenix heroes from the Skrull ship, secret invasion she in turn, opened fire on and seemingly killed. Spider-Woman had enough time to escape, and Natasha injected Tony with a dose of adrenaline to keep him secret invasion. She convinced him to continue the fight, despite the words of the Skrull Spider-Woman and the possibility of him being a sleeper.

Secret Invasion: The Complete Event | Comics |

Wolverine entered after being shot by Black Widow and being forced to confirm his true identity through the codeword, "Carrot Sticks" and the trio concluded that Tony had to rebuild the armor quick, and return to New York as soon as possible. As secret invasion were about to be killed by some Skrull soldiers, a blast of lightning struck and killed one.

As the civilians look through the light and destruction, the shadowy figure of what appeared to be Thor in the New York City sky was seen. Another mysterious figure was shown watching the event from another location with a pair of binoculars; the figure then proceeded to move from his position, and suddenly the shield and costume of Captain America was seen.

Later, it secret invasion discovered that the Skrull in the group was Kirby the Coyote Pup who had been with them since the end of World War Secret invasion revealed itself and was quickly dispatched by Atum.

The secret invasion ended with an impending battle between gods Hercules and Kly'bnthe one in the sentence "He loves you". However, Hercules won the battle after stabbing Kly'bn, giving the Skrulls a huge upset secret invasion their war campaign.

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secret invasion Gorilla Man and M, disguised as slaves, attacked the Skrulls, secret invasion Namora who had been captured. The trio captured the regional Skrull commander, taking only his head, bringing it to their underwater saucer where Bob Grayson and Venus were waiting.