Sensiva® SC 50 is a globally approved, versatile and multifunctional additive, as well as a very effective deodorant active. SENSIVA SC 50 - Brenntag product information page Brenntag is Benelux's leading distributor and exporter of industrial chemicals and specialties, located in. SENSIVA SC 50, Ethylhexylglycerin. multifunctional cosmetic ingredient; skin care additive; medium spreading emollient; improves skin feel of cosmetic.


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This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. Preferred is triclosan at a concentration of between about 0.

Deodorant active - sensiva® SC 50 - Deodorant Active from schülke

Other phenols may be comprised at concentrations of between about 0. Additional antimicrobial agents which may be incorporated into compositions of the invention include antifungal sensiva sc 50 such as miconazole preferably at a concentration of percentpolymixin preferably at a concentration of 0.

The concentrations of quaternary ammonium compound may be between sensiva sc 50 0. In certain non-limiting embodiments, compositions of the invention may further comprise one or more alcohol.

Alcohols which may be used according to the invention include aliphatic alcohols, including, but not limited, most preferred ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, but also n-propyl alcohol, and mixtures thereof, at concentrations between about 20 and 85 percent and preferably 40 to 70 percent.

Suitable alcohols also include fatty alcohols, such as cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, stearyl sensiva sc 50, octyl alcohol, decyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, and combinations thereof, at concentrations between about 0.

The present invention further provides for compositions comprising, as at least sensiva sc 50 alcoholic component, hexanol at a concentration sensiva sc 50 between three and ten percent and preferably about 5 percent.

The formulations of the invention may further comprise one or more of the following: A zinc-containing compound such as a zinc salt, including but not limited to zinc gluconate, zinc oxide, zinc stearate, zinc salicylate, zinc carbonate, zinc oleate, zinc acetate, zinc peroxide, zinc phosphate, and zinc undecylenate.

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Sensiva SC 50 Approved

Whereas glycerin esters are attacked by lipolytic enzymes, this is not the case with sensiva SC due to its glycerin ether structure. Use concentration sensiva Sensiva sc 50 can be used as skin care additive and deodorant active in a recommended use concentration of.


It has a surfactant-like structure which can affect the hydrophilic-lipophilicbalance HLB of an emulsion.

Sensiva sc 50 HLB value relates to the hydrophilic and lipophilic properties of sensiva sc 50 emulsifier and is a first hint of the choice of an emulsifier system. Typically, water-in-oil emulsifiers have HLB values in the range of while oil-in-water emulsifier are in the range of.

This is relatively high for the use in water-in-oil emulsions and relatively low for the use in oil-in-water emulsions.


sensiva sc 50 Thus it can influence a given emulsifier system in the opposite direction. Sensiva sc 50 information about the influence of sensiva SC in emulsions as well as possibilities to restore the stability are summarised in a formulation guideline which can be provided upon request.

Other non-metallic materials should be checked for their suitability. Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFEnitril rubber or isobutene-isoprene rubber or polymethylsiloxane should be preferred as sealing material when handling undiluted sensiva SC.

Sensiva SC 50

Other sealing material may show swelling or lead to pronounced discolouration of sensiva SC. Compatibility has to be proved in each case. Storage Store in the original container at room temperature.