The main services provided by the internet are given below: 1) World Wide Web (www) The World Wide Web and the Internet function together. Explain the services provided by IP (Internet Protocol) - Addressing, Fragmentation, Packet timeouts and options. 1. Addressing: For the purpose of delivering. When selecting an ISP of significance is the number of services that it provides to its customers. All services provided by e-mail, but do not provide any service to.


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The Internet serves as a vast electronic communications network and the World Services provided by internet Web makes navigation on the Internet easier by utilizing hypertext links and graphical user interfaces between different addresses on computers around the world.

Think of the Internet as providing the foundation and structure while the Web uses the Internet to provide communications, information and access to all sorts of digital services.

Electronic Mail More commonly known as email, electronic mail started as an afterthought to the Internet.

Important Services Provided by the Internet

Today, email holds the number one position as the most popular service offered on the Services provided by internet. This number is commonly represented as four numbers joined by periods. The Internet uses these numbers to guide information through the network "routing".

For human users, however, such numbers are usually difficult to keep in mind. Therefore, computers are also identified by Domain Names, which are to some extent similar to mailing addresses.

Important Services Provided by the Internet |

In the first group the Internet mediates in the services provided by internet between two or more individuals. In the second group the user turns to the Internet-service in search for some particular information. Communication services can roughly be compared tvices can roughly be compared to a telephone call, information services to a dictionary of course, the dividing line between the two types of services is fuzzy; for a discussion services provided by internet the relationship between traditional and electronic forms of communication see Maier, Wildberger, b.

The most important communication services on the Internet are electronic mail and some derived services and netnews. We will discuss them very briefly below for a more detailed discussion see e.

The Internet and its Services

Communication Services Electronic mail e-mail is the most popular and widely used network service. It can be viewed as the electronic equivalent to a regular mail letter. Typically the message reaches its destination almost immediately, even when it is on another services provided by internet.

Practically all gateways between the Internet and other computer networks can handle e-mail messages.


The major advantage of e-mail over regular mail is that an e- mail message comes in electronic form. This implies that the devices that use this service have built-in camera and microphone. Although this service is usually used for that purpose, in addition to communicate written messages, internet calls, sharing information and much more.

Can be used as a common telephone communications. This service is based on the free program support allows free calls to anyone who services provided by internet installed a 'Skype' program support on his services provided by internet, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the high speed internet communication has increasingly better quality.

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Can be achieved over a fixed PTT communication lines or cell phones or send text messages services provided by internet very reasonable prices, without any special setup or subscriptions.

The user can later modify the information in their profiles as needed. Provides for the use of TV sets in communication.

Internet Services

So, a kind of free video phone, which offers even extra specific services. With this program support the new generation of services provided by internet and tabletsusing the resources of the existing SOHO infrastructure, 'calling' becomes really cheap. This service should not be confused with VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol technology that allows the transmission of voice communications over Internet networks for the purpose of protocol design, that 'Skype' is used in the sense of some kind of Peer-to-Peer P2P communication.