You may also find a thread about this build in the Raspberry Pi Forums. . Check out this tutorial, which has instructions for using Shairport with. AirPlay lets you send music from iTunes to AirPlay-capable receivers. Now you can use Shairport to retrofit a Rasp Pi and avoid the expense of purchasing an. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up a Raspberry Pi to be used as an AirPlay receiver so you can stream audio from any iOS device.


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We shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials see why below chkconfig shairport on chkconfig shairport off Watchdog Starting shairport on boot turns out to be very tricky — sometimes shairport starts before avahi-daemon, which makes shairport fail.


To fix this we make a tiny watchdog script that makes sure shairport is always running. To shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials Shairport Sync to start automatically on boot, run the following command: Your Raspberry Pi AirPlay receiver should be all set.

Shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials Raspberry Pi should be on the list, ready to receive AirPlay casts! Edit the file with the following command: You may find that the Raspberry Pi onboard soundcard is not the best. If this is the case you can buy an external USB based soundcard if you want better sound.

Raspberry Pi Shairport build instructions - Useful Snippets

Here is a video of the project in action: You point this to the image file you downloaded earlier. Hit enter to run the command. Now pop the memory card out of your computer and put it shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials the Shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials Pi.

Plug in the Ethernet cable and then the micro-USB cable for power.

AirPlay with Shairport » Raspberry Pi Geek

Connect the other shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials of the ethernet cable to your router shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials the micro-USB cable into a computer or power adapter like the one that comes with an iPhone or iPad. Now how do you get access to the Raspberry Pi?

In this tutorial, you are going to be setting up the Raspberry Pi computer without a monitor, keyboard or mouse. SSHing into Raspberry Pi SSH stand for Secure SHell and is a way to open a terminal session into a remote computer, letting you run a command just as shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials you shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials physically on that computer.

SSH is a important and good skill to learn.


Run the app and you should see a list of all the devices on shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials network: If you do decide shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials go with route, connect a monitor and a keyboard and power it on.

Once logged in, you should be left at a terminal command line and shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials be able to type ifconfig: It is a little pointless to ssh in if you went through all the trouble to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor but it is still a good skill to learn.

In the Terminal window, type: Type yes and hit enter.

Raspberry Pi Airplay Tutorial | Ray Wenderlich

Terminal will now ask you for a password, which by default is raspberry. Enter shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials password and you should be remotely logged into the Raspberry Pi and ready to go.


You can check for that by plugging in a monitor via HDMI. If it continually reboots, then shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials is likely the problem.

Expanding the File System Now you need to expand the file shairport raspberry-pi-tutorials to take up the entire size of the SD card. You see, the image you loaded onto the SD card was of minimal size so that it would be quick to download and fit on all SD card sizes.