F Students: Form I, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student When issuing an initial Form I, you must sign the School Attestation section. Turn in the Travel Signature Form along with your I or DS to the ISS front If you are leaving too soon to pick up the signed document, ISS can mail the. The Form I is a United States Department of Homeland Security, specifically ICE and the Name and signature of the student, along with the date.‎Structure · ‎Overall role · ‎Process · ‎Subsequent use of Form I.


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​Travel Signatures - International Student ServicesInternational Student Services

From Outside the Seattle Area: If you are returning to the U. Emergency Travel If you have an emergency travel need when the ISS is closed weekends and federal holidaysgo ahead and depart the U.


Follow the instructions above for obtaining a travel signing the i-20 form from outside of the Seattle area. What if I do not have enough time to receive a new I or DS with a valid travel signature before returning to the U.

If your travel plans do not allow enough time for us to ship a new document to you before you return to the U. If you choose the latter option, it is most likely the Customs and Border Protection officer at the U. Port of Entry will issue you an I form.

This form would allow you temporary admission to the U. During the 30 days you must visit ISS for drop-in advising, receive an updated travel signature, then submit the I form to the address provided on the I You would then be allowed to remain in the U.

On rare signing the i-20 form you may be denied entry to the U.


The jargon used for this documentation will also vary by institution. For instance, the University of Chicago and University of Michigan uses the term "Financial Resources Statement" for the statement that students need to submit to it regarding how they will meet their expenses.

Signing the i-20 form physical copy of the form may be mailed to the student overseas. Use of Form I while transitioning to student status[ edit ] The Form I is used in the following stages of the transition to student status in the United States: At the time of admission, a valid visa as well as a valid I are needed.

At the time of initial entry, the officer at the port of signing the i-20 form checks that the program start date is at most 30 days ahead, and that the I has a valid travel signature.


For those who are not seeking admission to the United States but simply changing status, a copy of the Form I needs to be attached along with the Form I application to change status. For those transitioning to student status from another status, the date of transition indicated on the Form I is treated as the start date.

Subsequent use of Form I[ edit ] Establishing legality of status and stay[ edit ] The Form I serves as evidence of signing the i-20 form legality of the student's current presence in the United States.

When should I have my I signed? | Middlebury

Note that a valid visa is not necessary for being in lawful student status; a valid visa is only needed when entering or re-entering the United States. The purpose of this requirement is to avoid cases where signing the i-20 form who are no longer enrolled as students at an institution keep using an outdated Form I to get in.

In particular, when adding a new travel signature to the OPT, it is the responsibility of the international student office to make sure that the student is still enrolled at the institution.

In case the Form I runs out of space for travel signatures, the international office may signing the i-20 form out a new Form I for the student.

International Student Services

In the special case of automatic visa revalidationwhereby the student returns to the United States after a trip to Canada, Mexico, or a nearby island for at most signing the i-20 form days, it is not necessary to have a valid visa at the time of re-entry.

However, it is still necessary to have a valid Form I and a travel signing the i-20 form. Changing the program end date[ edit ] It may happen that the student's actual program end date falls earlier or later signing the i-20 form what the student expected.

It is necessary that a new I be issued reflecting the current program end date, both prior to the program's actual end and prior to the stated program end date on the Form I If the Form I is being shortened, the international office may require the student to submit evidence showing that the student has enough academic credits to graduate early.

It is important to signing the i-20 form that the program end date on the Form I need not coincide with the graduation date. Rather, it is the end date of the student's enrollment in courses.

It is not possible to extend the program end date simply in order to be able to stay around till the graduation ceremony. If the graduation ceremony falls outside the day signing the i-20 form period of completion of coursework, then the student must find some other way to be legally present for it for instance, by staying around on Optional Practical Trainingor getting a B visa for the graduation ceremony.