Histología. quiz digestivo USMLE. 63 terms. juan_manuel_vallejo. Histología. Quiz Tortora digestivo. 15 terms. juan_manuel_vallejo. Histología. Sistema Renal. G Tortora; [ ] Rispetto al totale dei traumi, la percentuale che coinvolge l'apparato urinario resta comunque limitata al 3% [1], ciò è dovuto alla particolare. F. Punzo, D. Di-Pinto, E. Pota, A. Di-Paola, C. Tortora,. F. Casale, F. . carico del sistema nervoso centrale (AT/RT) o altre sedi anatomiche (es.


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Calaméo - atlas de anatomia humana-edwin ambulodegui

This analysis sistema urinario tortora based on identifying the strength of bands of low and high frequencies of the spectral function of the RR intervals in heart rate.

Studies have shown that the related high frequency band parasympathetic tone controls the resting state, while exercise is associated with sympathetic activation, linked to lower frequency bands.


The autonomic nervous system plays an important role sistema urinario tortora mediating the cardiovascular responses induced by stress. To describe a technique for analysis of heart rate variability in the measurement of autonomic nervous system activity.

In+Vitro+Assessment+of+the+Antimicrobial+Action+and by Endo unictangara - Issuu

The wave RR intervals are recorded sequentially forming a rhythmogram, namely a picture of curved wave-specific variability of RR intervals. Exercise and autonomic function in health and cardiovascular disease.

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  • Atlas de anatomia humana-edwin ambulodegui
  • Atlas de anatomia humana-edwin ambulodegui
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Jacques MG, Codo W, organizadores. Root canal dentine tubule disinfection.


In vitro cleaning sistema urinario tortora of root canal irrigants with and without endodonics. Int Endod J ; Solvent effect of various dilutions of sodium hypochlorite on vital and necrotic tissue. Effect of sodium hypochlorite on periapical tissues.

J Dent Res ;59 special issue B: In vivo evaluation of chlorhexidine gluconate solution and sodium hypochlorite solution as root canal irrigants.

A comparison of 2. Residual antimicrobial activity after canal irrigation with chlorhexidine.

Antimicrobial activity of 2. Scanning electron microscopic study of the efficacy of various irrigation solutions: Camps J, Macouin G.


Sign up Log in Vol. Therefore an infected smear layer should be removed to eliminate bacteria, facilitate the antibacterial effect of intracanal disinfectants, and to improve the ultimate seal of the root canals Many irrigating solutions have been used during and after root canal preparation not only as antimicrobial agents, but also to increase the cutting efficiency of root canal instruments and flush away debris.

NaOCl is a widely used irrigant; however it does not efficiently remove the smear layer This sistema urinario tortora was confirmed in the present investigation, even though NaOCl was able sistema urinario tortora reduce the smear layer when compared with the negative control group.

The mechanical properties of the gel seem to be the main factor for this difference, because the same chemical agent when used in liquid presentation displayed a lower cleanliness efficiency. In sistema urinario tortora it has antimicrobial properties and a lubricant action during instrumentation.

Tortora Principles AP Sample Chapter by John Wiley and Sons - Issuu

Natrosol, a biocompatible carbon polymer 13was used sistema urinario tortora a gel base for chlorhexidine gluconate. It is a water-soluble substance and therefore can be completely removed from the root canal with a final flush of distilled sistema urinario tortora.

Viscous irrigants previously studied, even with chlorhexidine gluconate 11were added to less soluble substances that left residues on the root canal surfaces, impairing the final obturation.

The present study confirmed some published work on the antimicrobial activity of chlorhexidine and sodium hypochlorite and sistema urinario tortora that the gel form may overcome the inability of chlorhexidine to dissolve organic tissues by its mechanical action. Data of the present study indicate that chlorhexidine gel has potential as a routine endodontic irrigant, because it has proved to be of low toxicity and possess a wide antimicrobial spectrum 8, 9.