Over the past decade, Snakes in Suits has become the definitive book on how to discover and defend yourself against psychopaths in the office  Pages‎: ‎ Review the key ideas in the book Snakes in Suits by Paul Babiak & Robert Hare in a condensed Soundview Executive Book Review. Summaries & book reviews. I cannot recommend enough, to enough people, the book "Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.


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Read the cautionary tale, Snakes and Suits, for some tips on how to recognize the corporate psychopath.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work

One of the first things I did was procure a copy of this book in order to focus on what my coping strategy would be when dealing with a coworker of that nature. In some respects, the book was very helpful in giving a clear sense of the snakes in suits patterns that can exist when people with psychopathic tende Very snakes in suits I found out that a coworker of mine was misrepresenting me and my work to others in the company and vice versa, setting up a destructive conflict between administrative divisions.

In some respects, the book was very helpful in giving a clear sense of the behavioral patterns that snakes in suits exist when people with psychopathic tendencies are in the workplace.

They understand well that information is power.


They typically have a good command of who really holds the power in a given organization versus what the organizational charts may indicate.

They do well on interviews and know how to deflect questions snakes in suits from sensitive areas.

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Paul Babiak

Many are master psychologists in the sense, like all predators, they snakes in suits able to quickly size people up in terms of vulnerabilities and potential strengths—threats--to them. They are as adept at keeping low profiles and scapegoating others when mistakes surface, as they are at taking the spotlight and credit for the work of others snakes in suits positive outcomes occur.

Psychopaths fear open, free and fair competition in hiring. They fear providing samples of previous work and detailed reference checks. They fear specificity and accountability in tasking.


They fear specificity on and verification of resumes and employment applications. They fear concrete and specific performance vetting in interviews and tangible reviews of work and concrete assessments of actual output produced.

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They found that it's exactly the modern, open, more flexible corporate world, in which high risks can equal high profits, that attracts psychopaths. They may enter as rising stars and corporate saviors, but all too soon they're abusing the trust of colleagues, manipulating supervisors, and leaving the workplace in shambles.

Snakes in Suits is a compelling, frightening, and scientifically sound look at exactly how psychopaths work in the corporate environment: Contents summary[ edit ] The text covers the nature of psychopaths in the context of employment and purports to explain: The work snakes in suits interlaced with fictional narratives snakes in suits how the factual content applies to real-life situations.