Statism and Anarchy is a complete English translation of the last work by the great Russian anarchist Michael Bakunin. It was written in , in the aftermath of. Statism and Anarchy has ratings and 20 reviews. Laurent said: I'm going to start by being brutally honest: this book is almost no fun at all, but the. Bakunin is best-known as an anarchist theorist, who poses a thoroughgoing critique of state power, in works such as Statism and Anarchy.


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But a social revolution cannot be confined to a single isolated country. It is by its very statism and anarchy bakunin international in scope. The Slavs must therefore link their aspirations and forces with the aspirations and forces of all other countries.


After joining the International the Slavic proletariat must form factory, crafts, and agricultural sections, uniting these into local federations, and if expedient unite the local federations into an all-Slavic federation.

In line with the principles of the International, and freed from statism and anarchy bakunin yoke of their respective states, the Slavic workers should and can — without in the least endangering their own independence — establish fraternal relations with the German workers, since an alliance with them on any other statism and anarchy bakunin is entirely out of the question.


Such is the only road to the emancipation of the Statism and anarchy bakunin. But the path at present followed by the great majority of the young western and southern Slavs, under the influence of their respected and venerable patriots, is a statist path involving the establishment of separate Slavic states and entirely ruinous for the great masses of the people.

The Serbian people shed their blood in torrents and finally freed themselves from Turkish slavery, but no sooner did they become an independent principality than statism and anarchy bakunin were again and perhaps even more enslaved by what they thought was their own state, the Serbian nation.

As soon as this part of Serbia took on all the features — laws, institutions, etc. The people, though ignorant and very poor, but passionate, vigorous, naturally intelligent, and freedom-loving, were suddenly transformed into statism and anarchy bakunin meek, apathetic herd, easy victims of bureaucratic plunder and despotism.

There are no nobles, no big landowners, no industrialists, and no very wealthy merchants in Turkish Serbia. Yet in spite of this there emerged a new bureaucratic aristocracy composed of young men educated, partly at state expense, in Odessa, Moscow, St.

Petersburg, Vienna, Paris, Germany, and Switzerland. Before they were corrupted in the service statism and anarchy bakunin the State, these young men distinguished themselves by their love for their people, their liberalism, and lately by their democratic and socialistic inclinations.

And, as is well known, a liberal bureaucrat is incomparably worse than any dyed-in-the-wool reactionary state official. Moreover, the demands of certain positions are more compelling than noble sentiments and even the best intentions. Upon returning home from abroad, the young Serbs are bound to pay back the debt owed to the State for their education and maintenance; they feel that they are morally obliged to serve their benefactor, the government.

Since statism and anarchy bakunin is no other employment for educated young men, they become state functionaries, and become members of the only aristocracy in the country, the bureaucratic class. Once integrated into this class, they inevitably become enemies of the people And then the most unscrupulous and the shrewdest manage to gain control of the microscopic government of this microscopic state, and immediately begin to sell themselves to all corners, at statism and anarchy bakunin to the reigning prince or a pretender to the throne.

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One can easily imagine how statism and anarchy bakunin people live in such a state! Ironically enough, the principality of Serbia is a constitutional state, and all the legislators are elected by the people.

It is worth noting that Turkish Serbia differs from other states in this principal respect: The one and only function of the State, therefore, is to exploit the Serbian people in order to provide the bureaucrats with all the comforts of life.

Bakunin: Statism and Anarchy - Cambridge Books Online - Cambridge University Press

The experience of the last twenty years in different lands statism and anarchy bakunin shown conclusively that this is impossible. For the last several years the question of cooperative associations has stirred lively debates in the International; based on numerous arguments, the International has come to the following conclusions, formulated at the Congress of Lausanne and adopted at the Congress of Brussels The various forms of cooperation are incontestably one of the most equitable statism and anarchy bakunin rational ways of organizing the future system of production.


But before it can realize its aim of emancipating the laboring masses so that they statism and anarchy bakunin receive the full product of their labor, the land and all forms of capital must he converted into collective property. As long as this is not accomplished, the cooperatives will be overwhelmed by the all-powerful competition of monopoly statism and anarchy bakunin and vast landed property; While cooperatives cannot achieve the emancipation of the laboring masses under the present socioeconomic conditions, it nevertheless has this advantage, that cooperation can habituate the workers to organize themselves to conduct their own affairs after the overthrow of the old society The Russian people possess to a great extent two qualities which are in our opinion indispensable preconditions for the Social Revolution