The Vox StompLab IIG offers a selection of modelled guitar multi-effects, based on model types (44 of which are amp. There are four pedals in the StompLab range: the IG and IIG (that's 1G and 2G to you and me, but Vox likes roman numerals) are designed for. Buy Vox Stomplab IIG 2G Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal w/Built-In Expression Pedal and Power Supply: Floor Multieffects - ✓ FREE DELIVERY.


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Wide range of sounds covered. Cons Looking up what the various display abbreviations mean.


Floor-dwelling multi-effects processors for guitar have traditionally been rather large units, designed to fulfil all your stomplab iig needs between guitar and amplification. Trends change, though, and doubtless helped by the increasingly smaller amount of space you actually need for potent digital processing, recent multi-effects pedals have been seen in increasingly tinier footprints.

They stomplab iig now perform a wider range of roles, such as a pedalboard-friendly jack of all trades that can usefully complement your existing pedals. The new Vox StompLab range of multi-effects units is the latest of the breed to exhibit the smaller footprint, and could sit comfortably among a host of conventional single-sound pedals, even though two of the models sport treadles.

There are four pedals in the StompLab range: Here we look at the IIG… "The IIG, like all of the pedals in the range, features an onboard tuner and comes with onboard memory slots, of which are presets" The IIG, like all of the pedals in the range, features an onboard tuner stomplab iig comes with onboard memory slots, of which are presets, leaving 20 opportunities to edit and archive your own sounds.

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The unit can be used between guitar and amp, but the single output will also drive a stomplab iig of stereo headphones for silent practice. You can practise anywhere you like, in fact, because power comes from four AA batteries, although in most cases we imagine users stomplab iig employ a nine-volt adaptor, both for convenience and to keep costs down.

stomplab iig The factory presets and the user memories are accessed via a stomplab iig switch, which selects banks - there are 10 banks of 10 user presets and a single bank that contains all 20 user presets. Two footswitches scroll up and down through the presets in each bank, loading them immediately.

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Structurally, each preset is constructed from a chain of seven modules: While there's one universal noise reduction effect, each of the other modules has a variety of effects stomplab iig can be loaded into it.

The Pedal module offers compression, various wah effects, octaver, acoustic simulation, U-Vibe and tone and ring modulation options. There's 44 different amp emulations and 18 drives, plus stomplab iig selection of 12 cabinets.

Modulation, delay and reverb options are the same for the whole StompLab range, with nine modulation types, including two chorus options, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary speaker, pitch shift plus auto and manual Filtrons. In addition, there are eight delay options, plus room, spring and hall reverbs, while four output options also allow you to match whatever the StompLab is connected to: Sounds "Switching between the various presets is dead easy using the footswitches or the pair of front panel buttons, which also scroll through them all" Switching between the various presets stomplab iig dead easy using stomplab iig footswitches or the pair of front panel buttons, which also scroll through them all.

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Instant tweaking is available stomplab iig of two chickenhead knobs: Vox says that the StompLab series is designed to be easily usable, even by novice players, which is why each program is named with a musical style, making it stomplab iig to find a sound without being concerned with specific effect names.

While the presets found in these banks could be said to be representative of the nominated genre, in many cases they're usable in other genres, too, so it's just a case of trying them out, seeing what you like and perhaps putting some favourites maybe with a few tweaks into the user slots.

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Although there stomplab iig some outrageously over-effected tones in there, the presets are generally very playable. We like this type of unit, because you can plug in and select a sound that you might not have considered using, or that's not possible stomplab iig your usual rig, and find yourself getting creative - the actual sound inspiring you to play differently.

We really like the versatility provided by the IIG's stomplab iig. Although tiny, it's surprisingly easy to get used to, whether used as a wah, or to increase the speed of a modulation effect.

The range stomplab iig amps for guitarists covers just about all you'd need.