I just came from my monthly SCORE meeting. In case you are unfamiliar with SCORE, it is the Service Corps Of Retired Executives, a volunteer. Minimizing risk. Another reason for entrepreneurs to make strategic planning a priority is that it reduces risk, particularly in periods of economic uncertainty. "As part of the process, you'll be assessing your current situation, resources, strengths and weaknesses, competitors and the business environment. For some, “Strategy” and “Strategic Planning” is something that is done once a can be preserved and that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage.


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Consequently, it may be necessary to eventually encourage disputing partners to find a better place to apply their efforts. Consensus is absolutely imperative.

Learn the Benefits of Strategic Planning

Because two visions is di-vision and no organization can progress when internal struggles for per-eminence of vision drains away energy, effort, and attention that should be applied to forward progress. Gain a sense of security with employees.

Vision strategic planning benefits mean changes and new emphases. A concrete strategic plan has handles on it, handles that employees can grab on to.

Strategic planning: the basics and benefits.

Set reasonable and attainable objectives — This is where the rubber hits the road. Strategic planning benefits means having a unique differentiation that sets you apart from your competitors. Increased job satisfaction —meaningful and full of purpose Consistently one of the top reason for leaving a firm is the lack of job satisfaction.

People need to have a motivation to come to work and feel like part of the team.


It has been proven that employees are the greatest source strategic planning benefits innovative ideas. If your employees were in essence bricklayers, would they say that they are building a wall with each brick they lay each day or building a cathedral?

The purpose and meaning of work gives a new focus and reason to show up each day.

The 7 Benefits of Strategic Planning

These confirm the difficulties associated with varied approaches to defining strategic planning, and the lack of agreement strategic planning benefits performance indicators. A useful meta-analysis, or review of research, on the link between strategic planning and corporate performance is J.

Armstrong examined the details of the strategic planning process, the setting of firm level objectives, and strategy implementation.

He concluded that, strategic planning benefits difficulties in making the comparisons, corporate strategic planning does benefit businesses in terms of increasing the probability of improved performance.

Studies in some other sectors and for smaller businesses confirm these findings.

The benefits of a strategic plan for your business |

The benefits of strategic planning - magic bullet or waste of time? Still a strategic planning benefits see strategic planning as an empty or symbolic ritual, that makes little or no contribution to corporate performance.

Others see strategic planning as a magic bullet that almost guarantees improved performance.

Obviously improved performance is a desirable result. This way, you will be better equipped to make decisions and therefore to minimize risk. But along the way, you got distracted by daily challenges, lost sight of that dream and settled for less than your true potential.

Strategic planning benefits you have a real plan with goals, it's very rewarding to achieve each milestone.