Read "Strategie und Technik der Werbung Verhaltenswissenschaftliche und neurowissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse" by Werner Kroeber-Riel with Rakuten Kobo. : Strategie und Technik der Werbung: Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Ansätze (Kohlhammer Edition Marketing) (German Edition) . Analysing the impact of green marketing strategies on consumer purchasing Kroeber‐Riel, W. , Strategie und Technik der Werbung, Kohlhammer.


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Esch is the best-known actively teaching professor for marketing in Germany.


He has received a number of prestigious awards e. In strategy und technic der werbung, he was appointed ambassador of the Saarland. He is co-editor of various book series as well as member and chairman of several juries Brand Award, Science Award of the German Marketing Association.

Esch has released more than publications in various forms of media. The deciding factor is the cost of building psychologically homogenous strategy und technic der werbung, where the products contribute to the customers' quality of life in a subjectively comparable manner.

International brands as well as Euro-brands are able to cross borders especially by their emotional benefit.

Cross Cultural Aspects of Emotional Benefit Stategies by Peter Weinberg

It would be advantageous, therefore, to discover aspects which are cross-culturally strategy und technic der werbung and those that permit a cross-national emotional benefit strategy.

On this foundation country-specific, regional and local differentiations can be added. Coffee images and coffeedrinking habits are different in all European countries, but comparable everywhere in an emotional sense is the "invitation for enjoyment".

Thus, it is possible to create an international, yet unique emotional benefit strategy, one that is completed by regional emotional benefits e. Figure 1 shows the relation between the international concept and country-specific emotional benefits.

Methodical Orientation Languages influence the perception and thinking and thereby lead to country-specific differences when associating brand names and advertising campaigns.

Since in Strategy und technic der werbung, where a variety of different native languages coexist, and a shift from verbal to pictorial information seems very likely, we must examine how much visual communication by pictures might contribute to the standardization of understanding.

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Nonverbal communication, perhaps the most significant form of communication, uses an interculturaly similar face and body language, in order to present brands, as well as explain and communicate product features. Pictorial communication and nonverbal signal systems are adequate strategy und technic der werbung for emotional benefit strategies and strategy und technic der werbung meet the consumers' world of emotional experiences without encountering culturally conditioned differences which are differently experienced at the cognitive level.

Lifestyles consist of cultural behavior patterns. Emotional benefit strategies are interested in market segments which distinguish themselves according to behavior patterns and regardless of social structures or socio-demographic criteria. Important is the comparable psychic emotional benefit of the brand.

Life-style comparing analyses, which examine observable activities, interests and opinions as the A-I-O - conceptalso need to consider the country-specific emotional benefits.

Prof. Dr. Franz-Rudolf Esch - profile

Here again nonverbal language contributes to the analysis. In Europe the brand policies need to be anchored at European strategy und technic der werbung of demand.

The result is that nationally successful brands pass over the borders and become international symbols like internationally understandable "traffic-lights". In a general sense: Consumer values are increasingly adjusting to the values symbolized by brands. Product Implications From an international aspect, a product offers an emotional experience, and this means production of a meaning and sign, not only a brand.

The product quality is not only the perceived instrumentality of the attributes for subjective purposes. The perception of quality has to generate an internationally unique image in the sense of emotional benefitting.

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Since product design appeals directly to the senses of the consumers by means of styling, color and material, it is necessary to determine the design based strategy und technic der werbung not only aesthetical and functional reasons, but also on achieving a brand emotional benefit.

The packing in its function as a "silent salesman" contributes fundamentally to emotional benefitting.

By means of smell, form, color, layout, symbolism and slogans the packing has an activating function, supports the feeling for the brand and promotes the emotional benefit expectations. Thereby the packing joins a network of factors that help to position the brand.

Kommunikationsstrategien - ESCH. The Brand Consultants GmbH

Branding is most important within the product policy in order to create an emotional benefit strategy. Branding gives the impression that a good will be constant over a long period of time, thereby enhancing the conveyance of the emotional benefit.

In particular, the name of the brand makes an important contribution to the frontier-crossing emotional benefit.