Data loss prevention software detects potential data breaches/data ex-filtration transmissions and prevents them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive. traditional security measures and exploit users to steal valuable data from companies. Symantec's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution delivers the highest level. Discover, monitor and protect your corporate data with the industry's leading data loss prevention solution.


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention Jobs, Employment |

From the High-Level Category list, select a high-level event categorization. For a full list of high-level and low-level event categories or category definitions, see the Event Categories section of the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.

From the Low-Level Category list, select a low-level event categorization. From the Log Source Type list, select a log source type. Searching for QIDs by log source is useful when events are similar to another existing symantec data loss prevention device. For example, Symantec provides policy and data loss prevention symantec data loss prevention, you might select another product that likely captures similar events.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Administration

A list of QIDs are displayed. Select the QID you want to associate to your unknown event. Maps any additional events that are forwarded symantec data loss prevention your device with the same QID that matches the event payload.

The event count increases each time that the event is identified by JSA. Additionally, this course is intended for technical users responsible for creating and maintaining Symantec Data Loss Prevention policies and the incident response structure.


It analyzes network traffic to detect sensitive data that is being symantec data loss prevention in violation of information security policies. Multiple security control points may report activity to be analyzed by a central management server.

Like network-based systems, endpoint-based technology can address internal as well as external communications. They can also control email and Instant Messaging communications before they reach the corporate archive, such that a blocked communication i.

Product Guides for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (Documentation Library)

Endpoint systems have the advantage that they can monitor and control access to physical devices such as mobile devices with data storage capabilities and in some symantec data loss prevention can access information before it is encrypted.

Some endpoint-based systems provide application controls to block attempted transmissions of confidential information and provide immediate user feedback. They must be installed on every workstation in the network, cannot be used on mobile devices e.

Data identification[ edit ] DLP symantec data loss prevention techniques for identifying confidential or sensitive information. Sometimes confused with discovery, data identification is a process by which organizations use a DLP technology to determine what to look for.

Data is classified as either structured or unstructured.